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Mike Rutherford: The precious living years with my father

As a teenager in the late 1960s, the last thing I wanted was to be like my father. He was a retired naval captain who'd fought in the second world war; I'd just recorded my first album with Genesis, had hair down to my elbows and lived in jeans and a military jacket from Kensington market that smelled like an entire battalion had worn it at some stage or another. It never occurred to me that he might see this as disrespectful.

New book reveals truth about Genesis' evolution

Genesis star Mike Rutherford talks about family, friendship and his father as he brings out a rock 'n' roll memoir with a personal touch. Genesis might never have come into existence without Second World War naval captain William Francis Henry Crawford Rutherford CBE DSO.

Interview: Mike and The Mechanics UK Tour

With a time-span of more than four and a half decades between his first and his latest recordings Mike Rutherford is showing no signs of resting on his many laurels with an extensive UK tour imminent, two 2CD sets plus his autobiography available this month.

Genesis, "No Son of Mine": One Track Mind

A sentimental exploration of Mike Rutherford’s uncommunicative parental relationship had already catapulted a side band to the top of the charts. Genesis’ "No Son of Mine," released on November 11, 1991 as part of We Can’t Dance, takes a far different tack.


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