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Phil Collins honoured against all odds

State lawmakers named rock musician and singer Phil Collins an honorary Texan on Wednesday. Last year, Collins generously donated to the Alamo more than 200 artifacts related to the 1836 battle that he had spent decades collecting.


The Returns on Peter Gabriel and the New Blood Orchestra

Grand Prairie, Texas - Still can't envision how Peter Gabriel was once a part of Genesis, especially when the band became "Phil Collins".

Gabriel is better than Collins, Mike Rutherford or Tony Banks. We know this. I still like the Collins' crap, but his music is not nearly as varied, diverse or as deep as Gabriel. Again, we know this.


Peter Gabriel At Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion

Rock writers right now - hell, everyone with a musical soul - are living in the most interesting of times. No, it's not because we can pull any album we want down out of the sky at any time of day. It's because we get to watch the best living artists of the past century age grow with, and into, their art.


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