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Peter Gabriel Marks 25th Anniversary of 'So' With 3-Act Show

There's good news for Peter Gabriel fans. A decade since his last non-soundtrack album of original material, he finally has some new music. Gabriel opened his "Back to Front" show at the Hollywood Bowl on Saturday -- designed to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his commercial blockbuster So -- with a new song, tentatively titled "O But," which he claimed wasn't even finished yet. Perhaps it was his way of challenging his audience before offering what he called "dessert," a performance of his best-selling album.

Peter Gabriel hits San Diego with a Sledgehammer

Hi, my name is Dan and I’m a Concert Junkie. I have been ever since I saw the excitement on my brother Richard’s face in 1966 as our mom dropped him off for a concert by The Animals at San Diego’s Community Concourse. I was 8 years old and begging my mom to let me go too, but of course, she was right in that I was too young for that crowd.

Peter Gabriel Serves Up Three-Course Feast at Santa Barbara Bowl

At the beginning of his amazing performance at the Santa Barbara Bowl on Tuesday night, Peter Gabriel announced that the show would be in three parts: the starter would be a semi-acoustic course, the second part would be a "savory course" served with a bit of electronics, and the third would be "the dessert, or pudding as we might call it," namely his entire iconic album So, in sequence. And all three parts were incredible.

Peter Gabriel’s "So": Still so great

Peter Gabriel built his current tour, which ended with a fabulous and wondrously received stop at the Patriot Center on Sunday, around "So." That’s his 1986 album that was so instantly ubiquitous just about everybody in Western civilization with access to a radio the year it was released knows every song.

Peter Gabriel Builds Up 'In Your Eyes (Live in Athens 1987)'

Peter Gabriel releases a remastered, 25th anniversary edition of his classic 1986 album So today. In this exclusive stream, you can hear the rock great perform that album's hit "In Your Eyes" in Athens, Greece in 1987. It's an emotional delivery, and not surprisingly: the song holds a special meaning to Gabriel that resulted from what he calls a "long gestation period."

Review: Peter Gabriel - So (reissue)

Was So really as good as its sales and plaudits suggest, though, or one of those fluke hits that catch and ride a wave? Certainly the video for lead single, 'Sledgehammer', did no harm: ubiquitous upon its release, it's said to remain MTV's most played video of all time, and its innovative content was indeed both thrilling and witty thanks to director Stephen R Johnson, stop motion animators the Quay Brothers and an at the time little known company called Aardman Animations.


Review: Peter Gabriel - So (Blu-ray)

The Film

Despite a lengthy career as the frontman of Genesis and four self-titled solo albums, Peter Gabriel really didn't hit the "big time" until he released his first album that didn't include his name as part of the title. That was 1986's So.


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