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Classic Albums: So (trailer)

The latest celebrated record to be examined with a Classic Albums documentary DVD is Peter Gabriel's So. The film is out this week through Eagle Rock Entertainment, and you can check out a trailer right now.

Peter Gabriel goes back to the So era

Peter Gabriel has made a habit of facing forward. The focus on the future has been there from the start of his solo career -- the 1977 single "Solsbury Hill," one of rock's great goodbyes, saw him moving on from Genesis in no uncertain terms. On occasions when he's allowed himself a glimpse in the rear-view, the outcome hasn't always been nostalgic: when he began staging orchestral shows in 2010, songs from the catalogue were broken down and rebuilt from the ground up.

Peter Gabriel focuses on the music

The trend of performing an album in full is a welcome one – it’s a blessing for nostalgists, and a celebration of music that doesn’t come in bite-size packaging. But building a show around a particular disc presents an inherent challenge when it comes to pacing and cohesion. How to make the rest of the set feel like more than padding? How to avoid a jarring break in mood? Good thing Peter Gabriel is an ideas man.

Peter Gabriel performs album 'So' and electrifies crowd at Wells Fargo Center

Despite not having released a new studio album in ten years, he always manages to keep his fan base intrigued and captivated after decades of hit albums, soundtrack compilations and other numerous projects. Whether he is performing his best known songs or covering songs of other artists with an orchestra, Gabriel’s success over the last three decades has given him the artistic freedom to perform whatever he likes whenever he likes.

Peter Gabriel performs the So record at the Nokia Theather, Jones Beach

Peter Gabriel has taken to touring again– this time with the original band of the So album, including innovative bass player Tony Levin, drummer Manu Katche, and guitarist/backing vocalist, David Rhodes. Gabriel’s performance on Sunday evening at the Jones Beach Nokia Theatre gave new life to the album, played in its entirety for his Back to Front tour.

Peter Gabriel replays ‘So’ at TD Garden

The conceit of an artist performing a classic album in its entirety is one that has been employed a lot in the last few years.

Some shows have been perfunctory nostalgia fests and others splendid ­reminders of why the album format can be so enjoyable. (Even when suffering through that one song you ­always skip.)

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