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Peter Gabriel Serves Up Three-Course Feast at Santa Barbara Bowl

At the beginning of his amazing performance at the Santa Barbara Bowl on Tuesday night, Peter Gabriel announced that the show would be in three parts: the starter would be a semi-acoustic course, the second part would be a "savory course" served with a bit of electronics, and the third would be "the dessert, or pudding as we might call it," namely his entire iconic album So, in sequence. And all three parts were incredible.

Reviews: Peter Gabriel at Susquehanna Bank Center

The show was fantastic. Everything worked well with the orchestra, and my only gripe may have been a conscious decision: the drum beat on Signal to Noise was slower than in the recording, which I felt reduced it's impact. Intruder, as I said, was just awesome. So damn creepy. Wonderful, wonderful show, and a nice Welcome Home after moving from Raleigh over the previous couple of days.


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