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Blu-ray Review: Genesis - Three Sides Live

As Three Sides Live gets underway, we find Phil Collins at the drums, where he may never be found again — but only briefly, as he jumps up almost immediately to take the mic for "Behind the Lines." It’s really the perfect opening image.


5 Best Songs from Genesis's 'The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway'

Today, Nov. 18, marks the 40th anniversary of Genesis' landmark concept album The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, which was their last with original lead vocalist Peter Gabriel. Across 23 tracks over 94 minutes, the album tells the bizarre story of a Puerto Rican teenager named Rael who goes on a surreal journey through New York City to rescue his brother John.


Peter Gabriel: And I’ll Scratch Yours

2010 saw the release of Peter Gabriel’s fifteenth album Scratch My Back. The idea behind it was simple. Gabriel would cover songs by artists such as Paul Simon, David Bowie and The Magnetic Fields. In return, they would cover songs of his, which would feature on a companion album entitled And I’ll Scratch Yours.

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