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Mike: 'Never say never' to Genesis reunion

When the classic line-up of Genesis – Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford, Steve Hackett and Tony Banks – sat down together in London during the summer of 2014 to shoot an interview for a BBC documentary Genesis – Sum of the Parts, it fuelled speculation about a possible reunion.


Flashback: Peter Gabriel Reunites With Genesis in 1982

Reuniting with Genesis was just about the last thing on Peter Gabriel's mind in 1982. He'd been out of the band for seven years at that point and his solo career was finally beginning to take off. His single "Shock the Monkey" was his first Top 40 hit in America, crowds at his concerts were growing every year and critics loved his most recent two albums.


Phil Collins: 'I'd love to reunite Genesis'

The thing that persuaded Phil Collins to come out of retirement wasn’t money but love. When I met him in London on a short promotional visit to discuss the imminent re-release of his back catalogue he admitted to me,"I will come back and do something, I’ve talked myself into it over the last few days." He confessed, "For a long time I’ve given the studio a wide berth. But I’ve bought myself a piano, it’s in my house, so I’ve got no excuses."


Tony Banks talks about reunion

With a BBC documentary, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel and Mike Rutherford talking 'about various things' tongues are wagging about a reunion. Keyboard player and co-founder Tony Banks tells all.

Peter Gabriel on Genesis Reunion: 'I Never Say Never'

"Hey, great job with Kiss up there man!" Peter Gabriel told Tom Morello backstage at Brooklyn's Barclays Center on Thursday shortly after Gabriel was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Gabriel sat down for a quick five-minute interview about the honor, his next album and the remote possibility of a Genesis reunion.

Genesis: Together and Apart

Despite a 47-year history which has taken them from pomp to pop and established them as a top-selling global institution, there's still a lingering sense that Genesis don't think they've been taken seriously enough.


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