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Peter Gabriel: What a Difference Two Decades Make

What do you do when you're an aging pop/rock star and the mind may be willing but the body is, more and more, simply not up to the task? For some, it seems the answer is: either make a jazz record, or collaborate with an orchestra. In the past decade, Rod Stewart has decimated the Great American Songbook not once, not twice but five times, beginning with It Had to Be You: The Great American Songbook (J-Records, 2002), while Sting has kept things in-house, decimating his own catalog by doing a "rock band with orchestra" retrospective with Symphonicities (Deutsche Grammophone, 2010).

Review: Peter Gabriel plays cover boy at Berkeley show

Peter Gabriel has finally run out of new ideas.

What other reasonable conclusion is there to be made given all his recent activities? His current album consists of all cover songs. He's doing shows with a symphony orchestra. And he'll soon release a 25th-anniversary special-edition version of one of his most cherished records ("So").


Review: Peter Gabriel at Red Rocks Amphitheatre

If Peter Gabriel had graduated from Hogwarts, he probably couldn’t have conjured a better trick than what happened during the first five songs of his two-set show at Red Rocks Monday night. Lightning flashed behind the stage as Gabriel opened his show with a languid cover of "Heroes," the mixed Colorado/English symphony orchestra creating a swelling dreamscape of sound for Gabriel’s still-potent voice.


Peter Gabriel comes to KC with new takes on old songs

If songwriters own their songs, then they get to do what they wish with those songs, whether it’s sell one to a soft drink company for a commercial or retire the song forever.

That freedom can cause conflict when those songs are performed live, especially when the performer has a lot of hits and hasn’t been to a certain place, like Kansas City, in a really long time.


The Returns on Peter Gabriel and the New Blood Orchestra

Grand Prairie, Texas - Still can't envision how Peter Gabriel was once a part of Genesis, especially when the band became "Phil Collins".

Gabriel is better than Collins, Mike Rutherford or Tony Banks. We know this. I still like the Collins' crap, but his music is not nearly as varied, diverse or as deep as Gabriel. Again, we know this.


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