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Peter Gabriel interview: 'New Blood' flows on disc and film

Peter Gabriel will always be many things to many people. For some he will forever be the frontman for Genesis, the band he departed in 1975 as Phil Collins took over his role. But Gabriel is most likely to be remembered for his solo career, where he has been a huge hit-maker thanks to songs like "Sledgehammer," "Bigtime," "Don’t Give Up," "Red Rain" and many others. An innovator throughout his life, his songs were also among the most compelling music videos of all-time and his live shows were nothing short of staggering.


Audio Interview: Peter Gabriel Talks ‘New Blood’ With Frank E. Lee

Peter Gabriel is one of the pioneers of art rock during his time with Genesis and throughout his solo career. He is always open to the influence of new sounds and technology and is not afraid to revisit his earlier work as he has done on his latest project "New Blood". I recently spent some time with Peter talking about his recent albums and tour and where the future might take us, 15m36s.


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