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Peter Gabriel's three-year itch gets a creative scratching

In that vein, Gabriel, art-rock conceptualist, had the notion a few years ago for a song-swapping, double-album experiment: He would record a song by someone like Neil Young or Lou Reed or Paul Simon or Arcade Fire; in return, he asked those songwriters to record one of his songs. The project was audacious, as songwriters traditionally don’t organize their own tribute albums. Gabriel was throwing his own 60th birthday party and strong-arming A-list invitees not only to show up, but to bring laudatory presents.

Peter Gabriel Recruits Arcade Fire, Randy Newman For Covers Album

Peter Gabriel is finally getting some of that quid pro quo. Three years ago, the former Genesis singer released an album of covers called Scratch My Back, which featured Gabriel crooning his versions of songs by David Bowie, Neil Young, Lou Reed, Bon Iver, Randy Newman and more. Back then, the goal was for Gabriel to release companion album of those same artists covering his own songs.

Arcade Fire Preview Peter Gabriel Cover

Having just revealed plans to drop their next album on October 29, Arcade Fire have now posted a preview of their Games Without Frontiers cover. The track will appear on the And I'll Scratch Yours album of Peter Gabriel covers to be released on September 29.


Peter Gabriel Fears Radiohead Hated His Cover Version

Peter Gabriel fears he will never get to work with Radiohead as frontman Thom Yorke was insulted by his version of their hit track Street Spirit (Fade Out). The former Genesis star recorded orchestral renditions of songs by artists including Neil Young, Lou Reed, and David Bowie for his 2010 album Scratch My Back, and the Radiohead cover was part of that project.

Peter Gabriel: And I’ll Scratch Yours

2010 saw the release of Peter Gabriel’s fifteenth album Scratch My Back. The idea behind it was simple. Gabriel would cover songs by artists such as Paul Simon, David Bowie and The Magnetic Fields. In return, they would cover songs of his, which would feature on a companion album entitled And I’ll Scratch Yours.

Q&A: Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel, 63, was born in Surrey. He formed the rock band Genesis at Charterhouse public school and was frontman until 1975, when he left to pursue a solo career. His albums include So, which produced the hit Sledgehammer in 1986. His latest album is And I'll Scratch Yours. This month he tours the UK.

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