Live in Hamburg

The Band

Chester Thompson (Drums)
Louis Conté (Percussions)
Darryl Stuermer (Guitar)
Brad Cole (Keyboards)
Harry Kim (Trumpet)
Amy Keys (Backing Vocals)
Lamont Van Hook (Backing Vocals)
Leland Sklar (Bass Guitar)
Gerald Albright (Saxophone)

The Setlist

Part 1

In The Air Tonight (Piano-Version)
Something Happened On The Way To Heaven
Another Day in Paradise
Can't Stop Loving You
Driving Me Crazy
One More Night
Against All Odds
I Missed Again
You'll Be In My Heart (Smooth-Version)
You Can't Hurry Love / Two Hearts
Easy Lover
Separate lives
Lady Madonna / Sussudio (like MTV-unplugged)

Part 2

I Can't Dance
My Girl
Get Ready
Take Me Home (Djungle-Drum-Groove)


The Concert

Before the concert the stage has been prepared for Phil and his band. Then the light has got switched out, a man with a white shirt sat at the piano and played the first accord. Blue light over the stage does not really cleared up, that the man at the piano was Phil but the crowd started making noise. The accords he played were from "In the Air tonight". After he has sung the first phrase the crowd realized, that it was Phil, who played at the piano. It was a fantastic atmosphere with a fantastic song in a piano and bass version without the typical drums - he did it before at the "Live-Aid" concert.
The second song he played was "Something happened on the way to heaven" with the whole band. After "Another day in paradise" with a beautiful lightshow Phil announced, that he has a new album, the audience honored it with a big applause. From the new album he played "Can't stop loving you" and "Driving me crazy". I must say, the songs are great live songs!
Then he played a smooth part of the concert with "One more night" in a lovely band-version without his drum-machine and "Against all Odds". A big surprise for me was his next song: "I missed again" which I've never heard live before. Also a live-novum for me was "You'll be in my heart" in a smooth version. Well known were the next songs "You can't hurry love / Two hearts " and "Easy Lover", which were very powerful. With "Separate lives" Phil sang with his background singers Amy Keys and Lamont Van Hook with much heart and a deep feeling. The last song of part one started with "Lady Madonna" and grooved into "Sussudio" - he did this combination before at MTV-unplugged. The party-atmosphere in the arena was at the top. After a short break part two of the show started with "I can't dance" and the famous step-by-step choreography. Then two cover-songs were played: "My girl" which I've never heard before from Phil at all and "Get ready" which I've only seen on video from the munich Tarzan-concert. The final song was - what other could it be - "Take me home" in a great new powerful djungle-drum-groove with Phil playing the Congas. At the end of this song Phil did his audience-participation-thing with singing the "take me ho-oh-ho-oh-home ..." part each a bit longer with the audience in change. And that was it!
Phil and his Band obviously had fun doing that show and I would say, that it was the best Phil, I've ever seen live! And for that the show was announced to run only an hour it ran nearly 90 minutes!

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