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'Unfashionable' Collins Eyes Pharrell Williams Team-Up

'Unfashionable' Collins Eyes Pharrell Williams Team-UpVeteran rocker Phil Collins is surprised to be planning a future collaboration with hip-hop star Pharrell Williams because he thinks of himself as "tremendously unfashionable". The Genesis star, who features in the latest Grand Theft Auto game, refuses to do anything he doesn't feel comfortable with. He says, "I generally do things that are tremendously unfashionable. (But) if you start worrying about that you do things that aren't really true to you. "Music critics tend to put people in boxes, but if you actually talk to the people involved, there's a much more open field. "For example, Pharrell Williams and I are desperate to work together. I'm always surprised when young black kids come up to me and say, 'Yeah man, I love (your 1989 album) But Seriously.'"

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