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Today ShowI was at 30 Rock by 5:30 am Friday morning, and was not the first person there, however the two people in front of me weren't staying for the taping, they had to get to work. They told me that the security guard told them that we were only going to be allowed to the outside of the rink and behind the stage. I should have realized how ridiculous the notion was, but I believed them. They left at 6:30, after watching the soundcheck. I was happy because it appeared, for all intents and purposes, that I'd be able to get right in and see it all. WRONG!!!  When the crowd was directed to go around to the back of the rink..facing the stage, I was at the back of the line. (Keep in mind that I am not even 5 feet tall...) I tried, but I wasn't able to get close at all. Then another burst of movement where people were told to go down into the rink to the stage...again, I am left behind, and saw what was coming. I decided that standing facing the stage outside the rink was better, because although I wouldn't be close, I could at least see everything. It was at this time that I began mentally kicking myself in the butt for having decided not to bring my video camera (didn't think we'd be allowed). My sign (or poster) was hot pink and it said "hi to everyone online  @ sussudio and paperlate!" But I don't think anyone could see it :-(

Phil was pissed because of the sound ...someone else alluded to that, and it seemed to present a problem throughout the morning. At one point, Phil was talking to either Ricky or Brad and it was time for him to talk to Katie Couric....he quickly jumped to her side when he realized what was happening, and people got a chuckle from it. 

I must say, I was a human popsicle by the time it was over, and I know everyone in the band was cold, as well. But Katie and Anne stayed out there...at least Anne did...and signed autographs and hugged and posed for pictures until everyone left. Talk about going above and beyond..and Anne was smiling all the while. She seemed so genuinely pleased to be there. The band was gone as soon as it was over!!!  I went back to my hotel and got warm and took a nap...I had to rest up for the Hard Rock Live show.....later!

by Jo

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