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The blind test of Phil Collins

The principle is simple. With the blind man, Phil Collins discovers extracts of his discography, recognizes them (some notes are enough) and comments on them.

photo by Patrick Martin-Files |  Phil Collins in 2007, whereas he repeated with Genesis with Cossonay
photo by Patrick Martin-Files | Phil Collins in 2007, whereas he repeated with Genesis with Cossonay

The Roof is Leaking (Been worth Face, 1981)
"It is the only piece of "Been worth Face" which does not speak directly about my divorce. This song tells misery in the back-countryside of Midwest. It is undoubtedly the state in which I was at the time!

"Eric Clapton should have exploited this song, but I carried out the life so hard to him that finally, it is another guitarist, John Partridge, who plays. I was wrong: Eric played as it was needed… I like this song."

Vocal guide (Duke, Genesis, 1980)
"I like much Duke. It is the first album where we started to sound really well, like a group. A share of the merit in cost with Dave Hentschel, a friend sound engineer which I had brought."

" It was my job to make discover new people with the group, people whom I knew by what I made apart from Genesis. We repeated many the titles of Duke at home, at the house. It was right after my divorce. In studio, Dave made us sound as in concert."

Two Hearts (music of the Buster film, 1988)
"(To laugh) It is of Motown, to some extent! I played a part in the film Buster, one had asked me to make the music, I said not, and asked Lamont Dozier, that I had just met, if he wanted to write the music of film well."

" It accepted, and when it came in Acapulco, where we turned, it made me hear this title, and I immediately liked. He said to me "go, write the words, now! ". I am assembled in my hotel room, and I have write the text in one day. The Holland-Dozier-Holland trio, which wrote so many mythical songs, are of the heroes for me."

Between two worlds (music of the Tarzan cartoon, 1999)
"Ah, that, it is me which sings in French! (to smile). Hitherto, in the cartoons of Disney, the characters sang. Blow, whatever the type-setter, one did not hear it. There, the producers liked my demonstrations so much that they asked me to sing. I was delighted… then, at the end of the production, the types of marketing came to see me."

" (He laughs and MIME the scene) "do you Know that Disney is diffused in 39 different languages?"   "Euh… ouais…" "Can you sing in French, Spanish, German…" "What!? Never!" One ended up getting along on five languages, and one recorded by here, in the area. I lived in Switzerland, and that helped me."

" In England, all that is not English or American does not exist - reason for which Johnny Hallyday forever bored over there. To live here, look at the TV, to immerse me in the French tradition of the song opened to me with things which I was unaware of, and I had a great pleasure to record these songs in different languages. For the english-speaking, that was too easy, too a long time!"

Hang In Enough Length (… Goal Seriously, 1989)
"It is the favorite song of my boys when one listens to the music of dad in the car! This front of trumpet (he imitates it…) is inspired by a title of Michael Jackson entitled "Speed Demon", where a trumpet runs throughout the piece. I said what I wanted with the copper section, they wrote it then. I adored to play this song on scene, it is full with energy."

In The Air Tonight (Been worth Face, 1981)
(hardly two happy of box at rates/rhythms…) "Here is the song which returns all the time…" (to laugh)

Fading Lights (We Can' T Dance, Genesis, 1991)
"I like to use the boxes at rates/rhythms. When you listen to these two titles, for example, you have an atmosphere metronomic, hypnotic, and the beaters do not do that, they find that unpleasing. The battery over additions of the color.

Please Don' T Ask (Duke, Genesis, 1980)
"When we repeated Duke at home, the house was almost empty, just after my divorce. One played in the largest part. I showed them what I did on my side, and they so much liked this song which it has finishes on the album of Genesis, whereas it is undoubtedly the most personal song which I ever wrote. It is ironic."

Keep It Dark (Abacab, Genesis, 1981)
"On Abacab, we had decided to reinvent us, strip our music, to return to strict essence. All our fans did not follow… This song one of my is preferred."

Somewhere Over The Rainbow (by Tony Bennett)
"Splendid… I sing it at the end of Been worth Face. Because the studio where I recorded the album in Los Angeles had an incredible echo… I started to sing that, and to want to finish the disc like that. The mother of my wife, Jill, knew the type which had written the words. Thus she telephones her mom, who telephones the author of the song… Rather cool!"

Conversation Over Two Stools (Live in Europe, Genesis, 2007)
"Oh yes! Chester Thompson and me always made a duet of battery, and always thus repeated, in a hotel room, on two armchairs, and that always sounded super. One recorded our improvisation to sort the good of the remainder. But in this hotel, the seats sounded so that we wanted to have the same feelings and the same sound on scene. You should have seen the head of Tony Banks when I announced to him that one was going to begin our duet on bar stools!"

© 24heures, by Thierry Meyer
translated by Babel Fish

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