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South Park Creator Gets His Revenge On Phil Collins

South Park Creator Gets His Revenge On Phil CollinsSouth Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut (1999) writer Trey Parker's joy at winning an MTV award for Best Muscial Performance was eclipsed by his delight that Oscar- winner Phil Collins wasn't even nominated. Parker, who with South Park co-creator Matt Stone carried off an award for their song Uncle F**KA, said he was delighted to be able to get his own back on Collins, who beat him to an Oscar earlier this year with his songs for the Disney film Tarzan (1999). Parker says, "The great thing is that Phil Collins wasn't even nominated. Phil has been calling me every week showing off about his Oscar. But it fits Phil has the little bald guy and I have the popcorn." Parker adds the MTV awards are much cooler than the Oscars anyway, as the voters tend to be more hip - and they could enjoy it more as they were less drunk. He laughs, "The people voting for this are under 70 whereas the Academy Awards are a little different... And we're less drunk. We were so f**ked up when we got to the Oscars. Literally 20 minutes into it, we were like, 'we've got to go.' And we were wearing dresses as well which wasn't easy."

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