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Reviews: South Park Episode Starring Phil Collins

Reviews: South Park Episode Starring Phil Collinsby Arik Cotton

Well, I just finished watching tonight's South Park, and....true to form, they laid in on him pretty thick. Covering everything from his leaving Genesis to his "divorce by fax" story (I don't really think it's that accurate, but that's just me), they gave him the royal treatment. Look at it this way, the only other celebrity that they concentrated an entire show to was Barbra Streisand. So Phil's in good company. hehehe..

I thought it was very funny. But then again, I'm a SP fan as well, and I know what their humour is like. Having said that, I think that worse things have and could be said about him. So, it wasn't really offensive to me at all.

Now, I'll just go back into lurker mode and watch the sparks fly as the rest of the lists go postal over this...heheheheh.

by Rob

Tonight's episode of South Park did homage to our Phil and it was hilarious. They portrayed Phil has this bitter aging rock star who had found favor from the kids only because they had been put on riddling(sp?) to calm them down. All of a sudden they grew to love Phil's music because it soothed them so. Never have I been so comfortable at being ridiculed as a fan of someone who is so dull and boring. The skin has thickened and I took it all in stride.

I know there will be plenty of fans to hate this episode, but try and understand that it is just humor. I love Phil's music, it's just that I also understand that there are those not affected by One More Night and Do You Remember? the way I am. They see those tunes as just bland, middle of the road, harmless pop. Sort of the way Richard Marx sounds to me, it's hard to explain, but if I had not already fallen for the guy who sang Abacab and drummed on Supper's Ready, I would feel the same way as they do. Too bad I got hooked young and there is no saving me now. If I am just a sheep that follows then so be it.

by Lorraine

I finally saw the SP episode with Phil. I watch the show occasionally and find it humourous, but I didn't know if I would find this particular episode funny. Well, I found myself laughing the whole time! I especially liked how they had Phil carrying his Oscar everywhere and how at the end he kissed it! We all know Phil is not like this in real life, the total opposite in fact, that is why I found it so funny. Anyway, thought I would share.

by Mabel Daniels

Despite my better judgement; I saw the South Park episode, and although funny It show me one thing: here's a good example of what being a sore loser is all about.

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