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Radio Interview With Phil

Radio Interview With PhilI finally got to type up the radio interview with Phil which was broadcast on the Norwegian channel P4 on Tuesday.

I found the interview very interesting. A reporter from P4 (I believe) had come to visit Phil in Switzerland. Notice that everything quoted as P4 is NOT quotes, but some lightly compressed summaries of what the reporters said in Norwegian. The questions weren't actually asked in English, and they weren't asked directly (you), but rather "has HE....".

I missed the first, say, 15 seconds, but I think they are talking about the press in the beginning here.

Oh well, here's the interview.

PC: "...my private life, it shouldn't be. But in England they seem to love it, and they won't let you walk around the streets without sort of photographing you and telling people what you're doing. My last record 'Both Sides' was kind of a little sad, although I loved the record and I think it's my best record, really, for my past records, anyway. But it was a little sad, I guess, so, and that I can't, I think, well, I KNOW, was written, I mean, when you listen to that record you can tell there were problems in my personal life. And therefore, you know, it should have been no surprise, I suppose, about a year later when my marriage broke up. At the same time as that, I met someone here, Orianne her name is, and we've been living together for two and a half years and, you know, I don't see myself going anywhere else. I have a lovely home here, I love life here, I love skiing, I love the water. I have a boat. You know, I mean, life is very good.

P4: "But why care, really? He said that he was glad that not so many people knew so much about his private life, because that was not what was important. What was important was the music. But still he said that it CAN be reflected in his music, like on the last album 'Both Sides' which was a sad album, even if it was the best album.
But the question is, why settle in Geneve of all places?"
PC: "The beautiful woman. I fell in love here. I fell in love with a very beautiful woman who was very, very clever, very smart, and I've been living with her for two and a half years. And she is half Swiss, half tie [???], and she was born and raised in Switzerland. So I moved here. That's the reason I live in Switzerland, there's no other reason. It's not for the money, not for the tax, and not for the Swiss bank accounts, not for the chocolate, not for the cuckoo-clocks, it's because I fell in love here."
[P4 plays DITL]
P4: "When Phil has held it going as long as he has now, even the kind of profession that he has must become boring?"
PC: "You feel differently about it when you're twenty, you feel differently about it when you're twenty-five, thirty. Here I am, I'm forty-five, you know. There are certain things that I would like to be able to do in my life and not be told that I have to do. But I suppose, there's a routine that you get into. You make the record, and the record comes out, and you go around the world telling everybody what it's about, and promotion and radio and TV and press, you know. And then you do the tour. And I'm making d*mn sure that my tour is not too long, you know. So sometimes me being Phil Collins now is different from me being Phil Collins, em, before I made the record, you know, I was very optimistic. I thought 'this record is fantastic,' I thought, 'this is a great record.' And then it comes out and you find some countries don't go for it, and some people end up criticizing (sp?), you think 'why did I think that suddenly, the critics would like me? WHY DID I THINK THAT? YOU ARE SO STUPID!' [raises his voice] You know, you think that. So I say this all with a smile on my face for those of you, you know..."
P4: "With a little smile on his face, he admits that yes, this can also become a routine. But then you sit there, then, and work on something, and you think that 'this time, this time it'll be different.' But then it's released, and the negative critics still come, and he thinks 'how stupid can you be, really?' Oh well, even if he gets a lot of criticism, don't we still agree that he's a great artist?"
PC: "I would never sit down and say I'm a great songwriter, I would never sit down and say I'm a great singer. Would never do that. I've written some good songs, a couple of great songs, maybe. I'm a good singer, sometimes I'm pretty good. But I'm a really good drummer. I know I'm a really great drummer, you know, I mean I have no bones about that [was that a pun, Phil? :-)], I mean, I'm fed up sitting on the back seat being modest. I'm a f*cking great drummer... you know, and I don't know why, I've been playing for a long time, I've put everything where I think it should be put, and it's probably where I'm the most happiest, because I'm driving, you know. If you're a singer you're kind of, you're the headlights, but you're not driving. You know, the drummer is driving the band. And, and I don't really like being the passenger much, I much prefer to be driving, you know. So for me I'm most comfortable behind a set of drums."
P4: "A f*cking great drummer, he says [actually the Norwegian translation was a bit censored, 'adapted to Norwegian listeners' as it was called], it's behind a drum set he's most comfortable. Then it might seem strange that he left Genesis, because it was as a drummer he really began in the band. We can't let him go without asking him why Genesis ended [!]."
PC: "Had enough, that's two words. Twenty-five years, you know. Twenty-five years. Loved the guys, I love some of the things we did, I hate some of the things we did, and, you know, I just wanted to do other things. And, you know, I couldn't fit anything else into my life, AND do Genesis, AND do my own things AND live a normal life, so I decided that it was time, time to move on. And twenty-five years is a good innings [???], as they say."
P4: "Had enough. Yes, that's just the way it is. Sometimes you've just had enough."
[babble about the radio program on Sunday....]
P4 (regarding the program): "we might give you some hints already and say that something you might hear more about is that he can't promise how long he'll keep it going. He is starting to see the advantages of having loads of money, a nice house, a sweet girl, and not having to work that much. So, who knows, buy Phil Collins when you still have the opportunity."
[P4 plays "That's All", Shapes version].
© by Magnus Kristiansen

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