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Phil Collins song helped star's birth


TV presenter and singer Charlotte Church has revealed her tips for getting through labour - curry and a Phil Collins song.

The star said her son Dexter, born on 11 January, came into the world to the strains of Collins' In The Air Tonight.

The Welsh 22-year-old, who also has a daughter Ruby, said she would love to work on the X Factor, but would not want to live in London with children.

She also said her rows with X factor judge Cheryl Cole were in the past.

Church, who lives in the Vale of Glamorgan, said although she endured the agonies of childbirth with no more than gas and air, the soft rock ballads of Bryan Adams were more than she could cope with.

She told OK! magazine they had boyfriend and Welsh rugby international Gavin Henson's iPod playing while she was in labour.

"I'm sure it was Phil Collins' In The Air Tonight in the end," she said.

"It was funny, though, every time I had a contraction I was in so much pain then in between when I could speak I was like, 'No, no, no, not Bryan Adams. Turn Bryan Adams off!"'

The Voice of an Angel singer said she went through two false starts in the weeks running up to the birth.

"I really didn't want to have the baby in hospital because it was so great to give birth at home last time.

"It started at about 5pm then I went in the birthing pool and the contractions were coming quite regularly but I didn't want to tell anyone in case it was a false alarm, so we ordered an Indian takeaway."

She said giving birth to Dexter, who weighed 7lb 5oz, was harder than her first child, Ruby.

While Church was having contractions, Henson, 26, spent the time pacing the room eating crisps.

The couple said they have no immediate plans to marry, but said they would like to have more children.

Church said she would love to work on the X Factor, but would not want to be based in London with two young children.

Of Girls Aloud singer and X factor judge Cheryl Cole she said: "I thought she was really good (on the X Factor). She was ballsy and stood up to the others, which I liked.

"I think Cheryl's a gorgeous girl though, and Girls Aloud are really great - I like their music."

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