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Phil Collins 'Saved My Life'

Phil Collins 'Saved My Life'Phil Collins has intervened to help save the life of Margaret Paulaskas, a cancer-stricken alcoholic.

Paulaskas, 44-years-old, has been through six operations, has had her bowel and bladder removed and is being treated for alcohol addiction.

After her last operation Margaret says she didn't care if she  lived or died. She was broke, her husband and two teenage sons had left her, and she was homeless, reports UK paper the Daily Express.

After hearing about Margaret's plight Collins sent a cheque to pay for her treatment - more than £14,000 for a year's care. She says she had given up hope until the singer promised to fund her £280 per week clinic bills: "Phil has given me back my life."

"It was wonderful to think someone cared about me and was giving me the chance to carry on," says Paulaskas. 

"Now I owe it to Phil - and to myself - to make a determined effort to beat both the cancer and my addiction to drink. Without Phil's kindness and support I would probably soon be dead. Suddenly there is light at the end of the tunnel, but I keep having to pinch myself - why did he offer to help me?"

Margaret, is being treated in West London's Chaucer Clinic, which is run by Nick Charles - whose wife Kelly is an old friend of Collins.

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