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Phil Collins relaxes in waters of Saint Tropez


Phil Collins enjoys its vacations summer accompanied by three by its children, Nicholas and Matthew, of nine and five years respectively fruit of its marriage with Orianne Cevey, and Lily, of its marriage with Jill Tavelman, and by his present pair, He damages Tyler, a veteran news presenter of the chain WCBS with which he maintains a relation from 2006. A summer very different from that lived the past year when, now, the musician carried out one of the divorces more expensive than he has had in British music, since, after one he releases judicial battle, he had to pay to him to almost 32 million Euros to his third woman, Orianne Cevey, with that was married almost six years and had two children. During this long process of divorce he damages he has been to his side and it seems that finally, after the storm, the calm has arrived.

© Hola.com
translated by Babel Fish

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