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Phil Collins reaches the end of the rock road

ImageAs a solo artist and with his group Genesis he has sold millions of albums worldwide, but British rock musician Phil Collins says he has boarded the band's private jet for the last time.

After a 2007 European tour playing the band's hits including Turn It On Again' Land of Confusion' and Invisible Touch' in front of live audiences for the first time in 15 years, Collins has had enough of life on the road.

"I won't be going out on tour any more," he told Reuters this week.

No matter how luxurious the travel and accommodation, it can't make up for being away from his family for long stretches.

"You can't really complain, we had first class hotels and we had our own plane...but we used to go out for three months, so you'd go away, and by the third or fourth week, you'd realize you've still two months to go."

Singer, songwriter and drummer Collins, who has also acted with Julie Walters in gangster film "Buster," is taking a break not just from touring but from making music, though is wary of saying goodbye to the recording studio altogether.

"I'm a bit cold on writing," he said. "I've been making a train set for my kids, but retirement' suggests doing nothing, living permanently in a pair of golf shoes."

When not at the drum kit or behind the microphone, Collins indulges a fascination with American frontiersman Davy Crockett, killed at the Battle of the Alamo, that's been with him since his school days.

"I collect rifles and cannonballs from Texan history, letters written by him ... I've got loads of the gear," he said.

Collins believes composing songs can isolate a musician from the rest of the airwaves.

"When you write music, you get to roll with it, you tend to be interested just in what you're doing, you get so involved in it."

Bandmate Tony Banks, who plays piano, keyboards and guitar, agrees.

"When writing stuff, I just don't want to hear music," he said. "We're not influenced by other people's music."

Genesis have carried a reputation as self consciously arty that's been hard to shake off.

"In the early days when we were making more complex music, if you didn't get it you'd say it was pretentious...but it's all just music for us," Banks said.

Collins admits he has one musical challenge yet to complete.

"Inside and outside the band I've tried to find things I've not done before ... trying to learn the fourth chord is always a struggle," he jokes.

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