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Phil Collins quits 'to be full-time dad'

Phil Collins quits 'to be full-time dad'Phil Collins has told how he decided to knock his music career on the head for the sake of his children.

The chart star, who has been in the spotlight for more than 40 years as a member of Genesis and a solo star, said he wanted to correct the perception he was a "tormented weirdo".

It followed a recently published magazine interview which implied he was giving up music because he felt no part of the modern music scene and because of a back injury.

In a message to fans on his website, he confirmed he was "stopping", but it was solely to be a "full-time father".

Phil said articles written about him had "ended up painting a picture of me that is more than a little distorted".

Bad reviews, a feeling that he did not fit in or that he felt unloved were not to blame for him "calling it a day", he said.

"I am stopping so I can be a full-time father to my two young sons on a daily basis," the 60-year-old went on.

He said many of his comments in past interviews had been "asides with a smile on my face".

"However, the result is that I have ended up sounding like a tormented weirdo who thinks he was at the Alamo in another life, who feels very sorry for himself, and is retiring hurt because of the bad press over the years. None of this is true," he added.

Phil has released eight solo studio albums, starting with 1981's Face Value. The most recent was Going Back, a collection of soul and Motown covers.

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