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Phil Collins never wants to do a World Tour again

Phil Collins never wants to do a World Tour againFor Phil Collins, world tours are now over for good. The musician, who suffers from a hearing problem, thinks he is no longer capable of doing a long tour. He said that even the concert in honour of the Queen had nearly been too much for him.

"I don't want to spend such a long time on the road any more and live in hotels for two years", the 51-year-old said in Hamburg at the presentation of his new album TESTIFY (due for release on November 11th). Also, it is too much for his left ear. "A few years ago I had a partial hearing loss in that ear. Today I have to be careful not to strain it with too much volume."

He said that he had become aware of the problem at the Jubilee Concert for Queen Elizabeth II in London a few weeks ago. Collins was supposed to perform the hit 'We Are The Champions' together with Queen but, at the rehearsal, it was already too loud for him. "Queen is the loudest band I've ever heard. When the band got going, it blew so heavily through my ear that I had to cancel the thing." However, he did play drums for the rest of stars brought together for the show. In the future he wants to play live on stage now and then, for example at the opening ceremony for the new Color Line Arena in Hamburg in the Autumn. "It won't be a complete concert, but I'll play a few songs live."

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