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Phil Collins in Madrid to promote '60s throwback album

Phil Collins in Madrid to promote '60s throwback albumPhil Collins was in Madrid today to promote his latest album "Going Back", his tribute to the 1960s, an era he described as "very innovative" compared with today's music, which he summarised with a reference to Lady Gaga's, saying her music was "probably very good" then adding "but it does nothing for me".

Collins' visit to Madrid coincides with tonight's concert in the capital by Peter Gabriel, whom Collins replaced in the legendary group, Genesis.  Collins told the press he had no idea Gabriel was also in Madrid and said it must have been "fate" that had brought them both there at the same time.

"I hope no-one thinks I was trying to steal his spotlight; we're a bit too old for all that," he joked.  "I adore him," he went on, adding that his concert would be fantastic.

Collins, who has threatened to retire on more than one occasion, emphasised that "Going Back" is the album he always wanted to record but "never had the chance".  It is the musician's first studio album in five years and features the songs that influenced him in his youth, particularly soul classics from the Motown label.

Collins explained his fascination for '60s music, saying "it was an incredible era to grow up in; everything was happening for the first time". He referred to Elvis Presley, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, saying that their music was very "creative".

At the age of 56, Collins admitted he was "probably not the best person to judge" today's music, adding that at the last Brit Awards ceremony he "heard music, but not a single great song".

Collins said he would continue composing songs, but that he had no intention of releasing any more albums after this one.  He also told the press that he was writing a book about the history of Texas, another of his passions, especially everything relating to the battle of El Alamo.

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