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Phil Collins Gets Star On Walk Of Fame

Phil Collins Gets Star On Walk Of FameIt was a family affair as Phil Collins got his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The 48-year-old pop star was joined by his fiancée, two daughters and one of his ex-wives for Wednesday's ceremony.

"I'm pleased for my kids," he said. "When they have their own children, they will ask, what did granddad do? And they will show them my star."

Hundreds of fans were also on hand, leaving Collins a little overwhelmed.

"I am pitifully unprepared," said Collins, a Grammy Award winner and former member of the rock band Genesis. "I didn't realize this would be so big. I thought it would just be me, a few people and the star. Silly me."

The star was sponsored by Walt Disney Co. to promote Friday's nationwide opening of its animated "Tarzan." Collins wrote and sang several of the movies' songs, including the hit "You'll Be in My Heart."

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