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Phil Collins comes with Motown Album

1045The new album of Phil' s to be released later this year (september 2010) was recorded in Switzerland, a total of 25 songs were recorded, the musicians playing on the album are Bob Babbit,. Eddie Willis and Ray Monette and Phil on drums, Check out the pictures below of the recording sessions.

Bob Babbitt's Forum:
Phil Collins update...Yesterday, Wed 20th (January), Eddie, Ray and myself finished the overdubs on 25 songs for the Phil Collins record...Phil is an amazing talented musician, producer!! Him and his tour managers have been super warm and friendly...His engineer is fantastic! The sounds on the Guitars and Bass are incredible...Phil and the rest of his crew and the studio people can not believe how fast we recorded the songs...The project is now 10 days ahead of schedule! Ray and I will be posting photos and more detailed info when we get back home...

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