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Phil Collins Big Band Tour

Phil Collins Big Band TourRemember Phil Collins? Well, he hasn't forgotten you. He's doing a Big Band tour in the U.S. in June.

Q: When you moved to Geneva, people were kind of shocked.
A: They thought, "He's buggered off into tax exile," because of how it was reported. But I just moved here because I fell in love. If my lady lived in Tucson, I'd have gone there. If she'd lived in Helsinki, I'd have gone there. People didn't like what they read, but in fact if they were witness to what happened and how, they would have been quite moved.
Q: Some musicians complain about playing the same tunes over and over. Is the Big Band tour a way around that?
A: Bunch of prima donnas, aren't they? I play psychological warfare with an audience. I know I'm going to have to play Against All Odds. I may get away without playing A Groovy Kind of Love.
Q: How could one discourage a son from becoming a drummer?
A: Tie his hands behind his back. I don't know. It's all I've done since I was five. I used to play in the living room while my family watched TV. Our neighbors must have had the patience of saints.
Q: They're putting one of your paintings on a credit card, right?
A: My painting, not one of them. I've only got one. It looks good reduced actually--better than it does full size.
Q: Ice-T is a fan. Are you surprised by who your fans are?
A: Apparently there's a huge fan base among those guys for my music, and they're putting together a compilation album of my music. I'm very surprised, because if you believed what you read from my critics, you'd think I'd be a million miles away from having any credibility with those guys Being in the middle of the road and nice is probably the worst thing you can say about anyone, and they say it quite often about me.

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