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Phil Collins awaken Geneva

Phil Collins awaken GenevaSinger under rain well that espiègle, Collins prefers to put itself under cover between two sequences rather than to take itself for Gene Kelly.

Man sandwich desirous to shake the world, it turns his new pop video, "Wake Up Call", in Switzerland.

When one sees Phil Collins, disguised in man sandwich, to take around itself in the morning in the lobby of the train station Cornavin, to Geneva, one says oneself that one again is sleeping and to dream. Especially when the singer, provided with a door voice, you intimate the order to awaken you while you singing, in play-back, his single "Wake Up Call". Nevertheless, this is well this that happened yesterday morning. And that is reproducing itself today in the streets of the city.

Rather than the one of London or of New York, Collins preferred the train station genevoise to realize the video pop video of "Wake Up Call", title extracts of his album "Testify" : "I already had turned the pop video with the group of Good rap Thugs-n one-Harmony to Cornavin December 10 2002. I wanted to return here to turn mine, in solo." This that arranges rather the singer: it lives at some kilometers of the capital genevoise, to Begnins (VD).

Made in Romandie
Even the production smells of good the Romandie, since this is Heinz Dill, responsible of the corporation veveysane Louise Production, that was loaded with organization of the tournage. Idem side figuration: the casting is composed only of French-speaking ones.
Surrounded by fifty faces, the artist, pro to the point of his black hat, aligned the sequences in the air currents of the train station lobby, under frozen rain to the street of the White Mount, on the quay No 4, then in front of the Coffee of the union, before finishing in the refreshment area of the Cropettes.

Well that soaked and sometimes tired to play passes that pass, some fans, that succeeded interfering itself among the faces, rub themselves the hands of cold one but especially of excitation: they rediscover Phil today to Geneva for the continuation and fine of the tournage. Turn with their idol in a pop video that will be broadcasted in the entire world, this is when same something else that a simple autograph, even if it is necessary to awaken... to the dawn.

© Le Martin, by Valérie Bünzli

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