Is rock recession resistant?

Is rock recession resistant, Phil Collins?Is rock recession resistant? In a year where budget cuts have dominated the headlines we have been asking musicians who have gigged through recessions old and new for their observations.

Phil Collins, says "the music industry always finds a way" during times of recession.

But what extra challenges does he see for new musicians today?

"It didn't matter what you looked like when I started - which is always handy," Collins says with a smile. "The business is a lot faster, a lot speedier, it gobbles people up and spits them out a lot quicker than it did when Genesis started in the 70s."

He adds: "I think people will still come out and pay money to see performers that they know and trust. I think it's now a question for those young performers to become performers that the audiences trust.

"That is difficult if after record three you're put on the scrap heap because there's something new in town. But young talent is still coming through."

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