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If you missed Phil Collins and Robert Palmer...


Palmer and Collins
Two rock legends - one sofa
When Phil Collins and Robert Palmer came in to the Breakfast studios, we found a match made in heaven.
We had no idea, when we organised for the two rock legends to do live interviews on Wednesday morning's programme, that they share such similar views on music.


The two hadn't met before - but we're predicting they may even start recording together soon, after their appearance on Breakfast

Robert Palmer joined us first, hot-foot from finishing his latest album yesterday evening, in South London. He revealed that his son plays drums on some of the tracks.

Then, Phil Collins arrived on the sofa - and the two giants of rock discovered how much they have in common - from their likes and dislikes in music, to what they think of the critics.

If your computer has Real Player, you can watch both interviews through this page, beginning with Robert Palmer. Click here to watch Robert Palmer and Phil Collins.

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