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Idol can cover Phil Collins, but he's not watching

Idol can cover Phil Collins, but he's not watchingPhil Collins, the ex-Genesis drummer famous for his catchy pop tunes and bittersweet ballads, says he loves when other musicians cover his songs ("It's great for me — it puts petrol in my car"), but is no fan of American Idol, reports TV Guide Online.

"I've got no time for acerbic Idol judge Simon Cowell," the Against All Odds singer says. "I really think the show's all about being rude to people. Every country has their own version of the show, and I've been on the French version, called Star Academy, but it's more like an old-time variety show and I'm a big fan of that. But Simon Cowell is just cruel and that's all there is to it."

Collins continues: "I saw one girl who sang on boats for a job and Simon said, 'I'd never go on a boat you were singing on because it would sink.' It's all about him being witty and cutting. That's what happens when they become more important than the people they're trying to help; you end up with a bunch of smart-a--es. I really hate it."

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