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I do not like especially much the person who is Phil Collins

A simple type? An infantile and paternal will? That and much more. Phil Collins has been considered the best battery of the history of music MGP and has dispatched about to 150 million discs, so many as those that its mythical group sold, Genesis, created at the end of the sixty.

photo: Neale HaynesNow, the 14 of September, return to remove disc, although already seven years ago it left the idea to put in tours. The reason, expressed time and time again, is desire to be near its small children, in Geneva, where they reside. Compared in the ranking with the importance of Madonna, Elton John or Pink Floyd, their numerous awards include seven Grammy Prizes, two Gold Globes and an Oscar by the subject of the sound track of Tarzan for Disney.

In its new album, Going back, first of study from 2004, presents/displays versions of classic of soul. With a secret particularitity: an affection in the nerves of a hand forced to him to percutir with the cleaning rods tied with fervor to its arms. From the year 2000, one of its ears does not behave either absolutely well. But the vitalismo of Phil and its natural resistance to the contrariedades him have returned to put in movement. Married three times (one in 1975 with a Canadian with which it had a son, plus that it adopted of her; another one in 1984 with a Briton with whom it had a daughter, and another one more, in 1999, with the Orianne Swiss with whom it shares two children more), its life gives the sensation of a turbulence that is only noticed precisely under the mature affability with which, to his 59 years, it behaves. It does not mean this that lacks peculiarities: their two great likings are the electric trains of toy and to collect pieces of the battle of the Poplar. This last one since as a child it saw, in television, a series of Disney on Davy Crockett.

Although a total of 42 million dollars paid by the divorces his second and third wife, calculates a fortune to him of about 100 million dollars. And in what this fortune notices to him? Practically in nothing. He dresses as a marine veteran and moves with the modesty of an anonymous and gone to ruin colleague. “He would wish to be so rich to live with the freedom of a poor man”, says the sentence. More or less what, at this point, the person of Phil Collins has obtained. Not the personage: “I am very of being Phil Collins”, it repeats and it repeats.

Which is the reason that it returns to record a disc after six years of silence?

The truth is not that it did not have intention to record another disc, nor felt desire either to return to raise me a scene. But I have a representative who seems that always he wants that he works. And, so that it pricked gusanillo, it said to me: “Why nonbeams a disc of versions? You have always liked to sing songs of another people…”. In short, in fact, I believe that always she had wished to make this disc. In the eighty I made You can't hurry love, that was a song of Motown, because Motown enchants to me. I grew up with Motown, the rate was Motown. So for me it was a very pretty opportunity to sing these songs that used to listen in my adolescence. Therefore, the disc contains my favorite songs; I have recorded them and mixed of such form that is faithful to the original ones, that is to say, that they sound as if they were of the Sixties. And this has been very funny, because now, with the technology that there is, it is very difficult to make things that do not sound perfect. My technician of sound is in addition magnificent and is customary to make discs contemporary. But I said to him: Sight, I do not want to make a disc contemporary, I want to do one old one, one that does evenness and rac like when you put the needle of the record player. We proposed that challenge and we finished 29 songs. Of them, 18 are in the disc; the other 11 will leave at some other moment, perhaps in a special edition. It has been, really, one of discs funnier than I have done.

It has not composed anything new in all this time?

No. Recently I returned to lower to the study to listen to some cochairs that I wrote years ago. The day before yesterday, in fact, I was and I listened to some cochairs. But those songs that I wrote are very sad I composed because them right after a divorce. they are to me very stirring, but I am not safe to want that people listen. Recently I have said that, although I have already stopped being Phil Collins, always I will write music, but that music perhaps is only for me.

And that why?

Because when removing a disc you say: Hello, I here am. I have a disc. You speak with me. Next, I am going to give some concerts. But I no longer felt that necessity. And one of the reasons is that it does not desire anything to move away to me to me of my children.

How many children have?

Five. Two are small, of five and nine years.

And the rest?

They have 21, 33 and 37. Those of 37 and 33 are of my first marriage. The one of 21, my second marriage. And those of 5 and 9, the third party. I am one of those rare exceptions that take well with their three ex- women. With the three I have a very good relation… What she was saying to him, that at this point no longer I feel the necessity that people accept what I do. When extractions on sale a disc, hope that to people it likes. A part of you fears that it does not like. But, if I am to him sincere, there is another part of me to whom no longer it matters to him absolutely, because that music is, now, after all, for me. I write music for me, and if I am the unique one who listening, or my children listen or the nearest friendly, with that is enough to me. It is just as the fact to paint a picture. To paint a picture is more important that to sell it.

But, for an artist, the creation is very ungrateful if it does not communicate.

Good, I have much luck of to have made much money because people have bought and it has liked my creations. But now I am 59 years old, I have two small children who need to me and need I them. What sense must be accepted or be acclaimed? I do not need it.

It is not the normal thing.

No, it is not normal. If you are writer, if you write books, when you finish a book and you are very proud than you have done, you want that to other they enjoy it people. An artist is very difficult not to see that to people it likes what beams. I believe that if wrote songs, one would teach them to my friendly so that they gave his opinion me, but no longer I want to put in that eddy del that sometimes you fall, sometimes you are above, sometimes they reduce, they do damage to you to you… I take to all the life doing this and, the truth, I do not see why it would have to continue doing it until the end.

It means that it has been satiated with the public?

Of the public? No. To the public I must everything. I must the fact to him of not having why to remove a new disc on sale. It is not question of the public. It is that if now made things for the public it would be sacrificing a part of me, because then it would not be with my children. If it had to give to him the public which wants, it would be giving the back to my children, because, first of all, it would go to me of tour and they would ask: where he is papa? And they would answer to them: It is in Japan, of tour. Or in the United States. Feeling it much, that no longer compensates to me.

It has mentioned the painting. Dot you?

Yes. Pinto watercolors. I do not know to paint to the oil. The water enchants to me. And it seems that the majority of my pictures likes people. They are not incredible, but I have some framed because they seem to me tuna. But, mainly, the water enchants to me, and seems that my grandmother used to paint the boats in which we sailed. In fact, my family spent long time in the river. So the water and the boats always have been in our family, and I have ended up painting water, boats, islands, Lagos, small towns… It is peculiar that my grandmother did the same, and with watercolors. It enchants to me to paint. Lately I have not painted so much because I have problemillas with the hands, but it enchants to me to paint.

What happens to him in the hands?

It does two or three years, the group Genesis became to join to go of tour, and we were four weeks in Europe and four in the United States. And in second half of our tour in the United States no longer it felt the fingers, the vertebrae were pressing me the spinal marrow; perhaps it must to having been so many years touching the battery with a bad position. Although the truth is that, when touched, it did not hurt anything to me. Memory that the day that I touched with my older son, than also made a disc, hurt much at night to me the arm. What happened was that day, by stress or the tension, a nerve was clipped and did not recover already never. I believe that already he is neat with several operations that have done me [shows three scars to me, one in the hand, another one in the forearm and another one in the neck], but until within a year I will not know it with certainty, because the nerve takes a long time in regenerating. In this new album I touch the battery, but to record I had myself it to tie the cleaning rod at the hand with fervor. The worse thing is than I cannot nor cut the bread. Good, to be able, I can do it, but I take very many. I cannot use the hand and above I am left-handed. But it does not pass anything. It is like when I stopped hearing by this ear.

How it is that ear?

He is equal. My brain is adapting. My brain wants to make me think that it is well so that it can merit to me of him.

But it is better?

No. He is not better, is equal. But the brain is compensating it. If I put the telephone in that ear, unique that I hear is ric, roc, rec, but that is only for remembering to me that it has not improved. Nor it has gotten worse. It has been just as for 10 years, when I had that problem. The case is that it does not prevent to sing nor to touch me. All this me the volume, of course, with philosophy. To me I have passed it very well doing what I have done. And I have thought: Bond, déjalo already, lad. It thinks about another thing. So I make other things.

Other things? Where live you?

Alive past the lake. It knows where is Lausanne? Then it is just before. I have a fantastic view of the Le Mans lake. She is one marries small in mountains, but to my children it enchants to them. They say: “Papa”. And I respond: “Yes”. If outside a great house, would say: “Papa? Papa? Papa? ”, with echo. So I prefer the smallest houses, more cosy. There alive 95% of the year. I have in addition a floor in New York that enchants to me, but the truth is that I do not go quite often to New York. It used to go much, but now no.

And to its country, the United Kingdom?

Only when I must work.

It does not have house there?



Because I do not need a house there. The floor of New York is well. If I go to some site of the United States it is to New York. My fianc2ee lives in Connecticut, but she works in the television and she presents/displays the news in New York. So if I go to some site it is to New York. I have a villa that I bought my ex- woman and, and is too much tuna like selling it. I have so to occur it to the boys when they are majors. But I do not like much to have many houses. I prefer to have a single. If alive it is here because I like and because my boys live closely together.

It has some theory of why did not work its three marriages?

No. I know that my first woman and I separated because, when our children began to go to the school, she changed our dynamics. If you are musical, you must work. And if you are a musician who works, you must spend time abroad because you have irte of tour. That is well if your woman and the small children can travel with you, but as soon as the children begin to go to the school and your woman remains in house, she says: “You are divirtiéndote and I not”. And first woman it did not like much to be single, the truth. So it is normal that she knew another person, because I was outside quite often. My second marriage had begun to crumble a little and I became to find with a person who knew the school, that was, basically, the love of my life. With respect to my third marriage, del that I have my small boys, I do not have nor idea why it left bad. She has become to marry and, even so, we are wanted much. I do not know why we are not together. It is rare. Tonight I am going to its house to have dinner, to the house in which we used to live. I am going to its house to have dinner with the boys, we sat down, we ***reflxed mng ourselves… And I know that she also wonders herself why no longer we are together. But the question is that no longer we are it. The life is rare.

And their children are well?

Yes. I take very well with my three ex- women and that means that the children are alleviated because papa and mother no longer are shouting themselves. That is very important. And, as I become major, I am giving me account of which I have much luck of being able to continue considering these women like my friendly. I have made the peace with all; in fact, they are known to each other and they do not take bad. Until my fianc2ee, the one that is in New York, I with some put photos in which I appear of my ex- women. She is very mature, it has much style and he is very intelligent. I have had much luck with this. In addition, I must say that my children are very well, which says much of its mothers, because in the education of my children of five and nine years yes been very I have implied; but the other, my children majors, grew up without me in Los Angeles and Vancouver; it was very difficult to see them because they were very far. But now they are wonderful people, and that says much of its respective mothers.

Speaking of children, what says to me of their liking by the trains in miniature?

Everything began when my son of 33 years had about 12. It had a game of trains we used and it to mount in the carpet, but whenever somebody entered the room was necessary to disassemble the routes, so I thought: This is not good. I am going to really mount a train down, in the cellar. I made all the buildings, all the landscape, mountains… It was at the end of the eighty; after the long tours, it put in the cellar three weeks and it only left to eat. He was something so remote of the music that was fantastic. But when I was myself of England and I divorced, enamored with another person that I knew, I put all those trains in boxes and they remained there. Later, when Nicholas was seven or eight years old, I only decided that perhaps it was hour to remove them from the boxes, to recover them and to return to mount them so that the boys played.

And its other liking? The obsession by the battle of the Poplar?

Not only I am who am interested in that; more people are much. When it was five years old was a series in the television, a series of Disney, with Fess Parker, who counted the history of Davy Crockett. A day I remembered of it saw when it, and from that moment I enlisted during decades. In the eighty I saw a store in Washington that was called TheGallery of History [the gallery of history], and saw documents signed by Napoleón, Hitler, Davy Crockett and I asked to them: They have a letter signed by Davy Crockett? It could not think to me that something existed thus. And thus my collection began. Now I have an enormous collection of documents, bullets of tube, knives, rifles, swords… Of everything. People with this liking say that mine it is the greater private collection than they have seen. Because I have money to buy the things. And I do not have money because either cost much. I do not buy luxury cars, I do not have many vices. I finish cowriting a book on the Poplar, but my passion impels to me to write tests on each piece, which each piece means for me… To explain what means and to whom it belonged…

It likes to write?

Yes. I like much.

And it writes much?

Every time I enjoy more writing prosa. For me it is a newness, is a diversion. Although, in particular, this subject of the Poplar is more than a diversion. Now it is my life. It has been with me 54 years. It was only 5 years old I discovered when it and now I have 59. But my children majors think that I was there in another life because I go twice to the year to the place and very am known in the people circle who has relation yet this. It was a very important historical event, because without him the revolution of Roofing tiles would not have taken place. Roofing tiles would belong to Mexico, that belonged as well to Spain. And if in the United States it were not Roofing tiles, the United States would be very different, as much from the point of view of the size, like of petroleum and many more things. But the Americans generally do not know much on this subject.

Know you of history much?

Yes I studied, it. And three weeks ago I went to Scythes, I was in the Poplar and an old friend mine, who is 80 years old and belongs to the Historical Society of Scythes, asked to me that she spoke on the Poplar. So now I have written a book; I am beginning to speak here and there of all this. It seems to me, in short, that one is becoming something more than a liking, he is something too important for me.

What studied you?

When he was 14 years old I put in a theater school, in London Theatre. He worked in Oliver Twist, the musical version of the novel of Dickens. He was to cover of Dodger. So it is as if it had stopped studying when it was 14 years old, because the truth is that in the theater school nothing was learned. You are all the short while presentándote to castings. But always fodder that, by not to have had much education, my head is made up of common sense more than of intellect.

And the music studies?

With music I was self-taught.

It did not study music?

No, I did not study. I tried it… I tried it. When it had 14 or 15 years I saw my life in the musical theater and used to return to house in the same train that the battery, that was the leader. Behind schedule I thought: A day that man I will be. I will be in an orchestra pit; so it would have to learn to read music. And I began to give classes with a battery professor to learn to read music, but, as it had ear to remember things, as soon as it touched something, I no longer I watched music, but it touched simply it. So that I never learned really to read music. With the piano I know to read chords, like sun seventh, do smaller or fa maintained. But I am self-taught with music, and practically yet. I have learned French because, if I am here, in Geneva, long time, without spending long seasons in England or the United States, and I must speak with the electrician or with the plumber, I have to speak its language. Some people are comprehensive, but others speak French as if you were French, and you must say to them: “For, for”. I have practically learned everything by my account. Everything what I know me I have taught it I myself.

One feels, then, satisfied with his life?

Yes, the truth is that yes. It gives pain me not to live with my children. That is something that gives much pain me; with my small children, at least. But I am satisfied. I do not have anything than to complain to me, aside from the fact that, at some time of my life, a train derailed. And I do not know why. It is rare. I am satisfied in theory, but I do not like much especially the person who is Phil Collins.

What differentiates is between you and Phil Collins?

There are much people who have opinions or feelings on that called person Phil Collins who do not have anything to do with me.

For example?

Practically in everything. Even, some fans to which it enchants to them what I do not understand it, and the critics to whom they do not like what I do not do either understand it. I have arrived at a little while in that I do not like that one which I have become, that is what gives rise to this type of confused things.

That is to say, it does not like the personage of same you.

If faults to a personage bushes also to the person. So, in my book, I have killed myself same. No longer I exist. I believe that, especially because of Internet, when you grant an interview or you say something, goes to any part of the world in a millisecond. So sometimes I feel frustrated, because it is like when lances a stone to the water, the waves arrive very far, but they do not have anything to do with the stone that you have sent. And that becomes which frustrates to me because there are many things that are not truth or that are partial interpretations of the truth, and they are counted time and time again as if outside the game of the spoiled telephone: him accounts something to somebody and that person the account to another one and is changed the content until in the end it does not have anything to do with the truth.

But, generally, all the opinions that I have heard envelope you are positive.

Ground to punish to me much. I am created neither good nor the bad thing. Simply I feel that I have had a rare life. So sometimes fodder: I begin again of another form?

It thinks about the death?

Good, about my worse bassoons of these last years I have thought about forcing suicide on to me; and if it had not been by my children it would have done, it. They are those that cause that it follows ahead: my children. But, in terms of happiness and personal satisfaction, sometimes, when he gives the bassoon you, you think about that. Although he is not thus all along, clearly. The comedian whom I more liked of my childhood was a man who was called Tony Hancock. He was very famous. And, in certain way, I in the eighty was like. They said that all England used to ignite the television to eight of afternoon seeing its program. And he committed suicide in Australia leaving a note that said: “Too many things too much often left bad”. It is tragic, but sometimes one can to understand how somebody thus, that it assumes that is graceful, can undergo these indirect effect and tragic in his life. I believe that simply it felt that it was not sufficient the good thing or that was not as it wanted to be. The life is strange. When you fulfill 59 years you think many dark things… In fact, my second woman, although now I take well with her, said me when we divorced: ”You know what? You only go to hacerte old ". And now I see that the truth is that I am becoming old only. I do not know why we are speaking thus But I feel that I am at the end of a page and that, when passing it, I am going to be something very different.

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(translated by Babel Fish)

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