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He's Game For Super Bowl

"The game is on my birthday. It's the first time I've worked on my birthday for quite a bit - but this is different," he laughs.

Not that you could tell by his current schedule, but Phil is actually trying to cut back on his workload. Some.

"I got married (to third wife Orianne Cevey) in July, spent August with my kids, then started the European and Asian promotion for 'Tarzan,' which went from September to Christmas. I played a lot of concerts, and I enjoyed it, but felt kind of burned out by the end. So," he reveals, "I've ditched the tour I had half-planned for this year."

Phil expects to focus on his new Disney project, and do some recording in coming months. If the recording goes well, it could turn into an album, but . . . "if it did become an album, there would be talk of a tour . . ." And he'd like to stay at home more than he has in recent years.

Clearly, the one-time Genesis rocker feels that he has a real prize in his family. Not only was Orianne by his side at the Globes - her first such Hollywood glam event - Phil also brought his 28-year- old daughter from his first marriage and 10-year-old daughter from his second marriage. "It's such a splintered family, but everyone was so loving, it was as if they'd been together from the beginning," he says.

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