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Help Phil the charity coffers

Help Phil the charity coffersStar's message of support for tsunami fundraisers

Settling back onto his drumstool, rock legend Phil Collins was not making a typical home video.

The Grammy-winning chart topper was instead taking time out to record a very special message for a group of pupils at a small West Yorkshire school.
Youngsters at Primrose Lane Primary were thrilled when they were allowed to record their own version of his classic Another Day In Paradise.

But they hadn't bargained for the rock star personally endorsing their version of the 1989 smash which they had recorded to raise funds for tsunami victims.

Seven and eight-year-old pupils at the Boston Spa school picked the track, which is about turning away from those in need, because of its apt lyrics.
They recorded their own version of the song and then sought permission to release it as a CD single in support of Christian Aid's work in rebuilding devastated parts of Asia.

"I managed to get through to Phil Collins' manager's office and they were very supportive," said Year 3 teacher Amy Gibson. "Later on they told us that Phil had heard about it and a copy of the CD was sent to his home in Switzerland.

"We couldn't believe what he did next. He recorded a video message which was absolutely fantastic. He talked about what the children had done and offered some comments such as how well they sounded together.

"It was a bit if a shock. You can actually see him going back to his drums after he has switched on the video himself. He tells us how much he enjoyed listening to the CD and how well the children have done.

"I think he's a very special man for what he's done for the children."
The school recorded the CD after taking part in a project looking at the work of Christian Aid.

A total of 200 copies of the song have been made with the help of Leeds College of Music, and are being sold for £3 each.
"They're selling like hotcakes." said Miss Gibson

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