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Hard Rock Live

Hard Rock LiveI was a guest of the band at the Hard Rock Live recording!!  The guy I see from time to time and I were told to get there early, and to wear dark, as it would improve our chances of being placed toward the front row. So, we donned our darkest clothes and walked the couple of blocks from our hotel to the Sony studios and found several people already waiting. We were told to go to a table outside, across the street and see the ladies who had all the VIP tickets.  A lady named Sarah handled the band guest tickets and told us to stand under this special canopy next to the ticket table, and that she would be escorting us in at about 9:00. (The person who got me the tickets told us to be there as much before 9:00 as possible) Well, as anyone who was at the Today Show knows, it was very chilly in NY that day...and that night. We stood there from about 7:30p.m. until almost 9:45 freezing and waiting. At one point, Arnold came out and asked Sarah something about his guest, and I noticed he's sporting a gold tooth....anyone else notice it? 

There were three different crowds of people waiting to get in, the guests of the band, the guests of the label and the guests of VH1 and Sony studios. We were escorted in and told to go to the front left corner of the stage. There were a few seats there, but most of us were standing in front of the stage, and I ended up, as fate would have it....smack dab in the middle of front row!!!!  The stage was only about two and a half feet high, and we were instucted to stay behind a white line that was about 5 feet away from the stage so that the camera man could get by. Needless to say, this was almost too intimate!!! 

Some guy who works for VH1 came out and hyped us up and threw some Hard Rock tee shirts to the crowd and gave us a few more instructions. He told us that we needed to stick around at the end of the show in case there was a glitch in the recording and they needed to redo anything. (No problem!!) Then, he left the stage and the band came out...we were more than ready!!

Phil sat down on some kind of speaker box right directly in front of me (could have shook hands we were so close!)  and went into "In The Air Tonight".  Then came "True Colors".....and the tape ran out, so everything stopped right at the end of the song. At this time, I took of my black jacket, because it was so warm in there, and am wearing a white blouse...nobody asked me to move!!   Some girl sticks out a pen and paper and asks Phil for his autograph...to which he replies "I'm kind of busy at the moment!" and turned her down....everybody laughed. 

Since someone already listed the songs that were done, I won't go into a song by song thing. I just thought it was something really different. Phil didn't seem to be quite as happy as he has been before, but maybe the format was testing his patience or something. He ended with "Turn it on Again", and didn't know how to end it, I guess. He and Daryl and Brad kept looking at each other like "how do we end this sucker???" and laughed until they finally ended it....just like Phil always did with Genesis and everyone kept up....never losing a beat. I doubt anyone in the audience noticed anything was going on, but I did and couldn's stop laughing! 

I gotta tell ya, it's kinda hard to get into a concert (mini-concert) with a camera panning by your face every few minutes. I am certain I will watch the show with a great degree of embarrassment, too!!!  It is unlike anything I have ever had the priveledge of experiencing, though, and I am glad I got to do it. 

The big cherry on top, for me, was that at the end of the show, Nathan tossed me Phil's towel...and caught me off guard! What a wonderful birthday weekend I had!!!

by Jo

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