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Gallagher Urges Fans To Vote Labour

Gallagher Urges Fans To Vote LabourOasis rocker Noel Gallagher is urging the British public to vote for a continuing Labour government - to stop Phil Collins returning to the charts.

Drummer Collins has previously threatened to relaunch his chart career if the Conservative Party win the next election, which is set for 5 May (05).

Gallagher famously visited current Prime Minister Tony Blair at his Downing Street residence after Labour beat the Conservatives in 1997.

He enthuses, "Vote Labour. If you don't and the Tories get back in, Phil Collins is threatening to come back from Switzerland and live here - and none of us want that.

"I'll be voting Labour because I think it's morally right. I laugh at the people who are obviously going to vote Tory - with their wax jackets and their sensible shoes.

"Until the Tories present a leader with an ounce of credibility, they are finished in this country."

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