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Dutch Radio interview: Phil Collins - release Going Back

Phil Collins - Going BackThe Dutch Radio2 has interviewed Phil Collins for the release of his new album Going Back. It was airplayed on September 9th.

Q1. Phil Collins has made a new album with old songs which are going back to the 60's, the album is called Going Back. I asked him first, Going Back was sung by Dusty Springfield in the summer of 1966, you sing that number, that's the name of the album, how old were you?

Q2. You were only 15 years old when you went out, how is that possible?

Q3. You came often in the Marquee Club in London, what kind of club was that?

Q4. Have you ever seen Motown artists there?

Q5. You wanted to call back the feelings of the 60’s, why?

Q6. What kind of feeling is that?

Q7. In 1970 you started drumming at Genesis, was that music also happy?

Q8. You loved more Motown then Genesis?

Q9. You are so famous, how does that feel?

Q10. What is the most important in life?

Q11. In which album we can hear that you are extremely happy?

Q12. Back to the album Going Back, it’s almost a copy of the original, why?

Q13. Your album is named Going Back, you live in Switzerland right now, is it conceivable that you ever return to London? Followed by the song 'Jimmy Mack'.

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