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Court Victory For Collins

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Pop Star Phil Collins Wins Royalties Battle

A court Wednesday awarded British rock superstar Phil Collins half the money he had sought in a royalties battle against two musicians who toured with the singer-drummer in 1990.

A high court judge ruled that U.S. musicians Rahmlee Michael Davies and Louis Satterfield -- two former members of the legendary R&B group Earth, Wind & Fire -- had been overpaid royalties and that Collins was entitled to reibursements totaling more than $390,000.

Justice Jonathan Parker said that sum was half the amount originally claimed by Collins but did not give the full figure in court.

The judge criticized Collins' handling of the dispute, saying it was ``highly regrettable'' that the case had to be resolved in court. He also said the two band members would not have to repay any money directly.

Collins' company, Phil Collins Ltd., had argued that due a contract error, Davies and Satterfield had been overpaid royalties from a nine-month tour with Collins in 1990, and that Collins was entitled to repayment.

Parker said he was satisfied that Davies and Satterfield's deal with Collins entitled the pair to royalties for five tracks on the ``Serious Hits Live'' album, not the 15 tracks for which they had received money during a number of years.

Collins had agreed that any money recovered in the legal battle would be set off against future royalty payments, leaving him unlikely to receive any direct reimbursement as a result, the judge said.

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