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Court Victory For Collins

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Phil Collins Wins Royalty Dispute Over Serious Hits -- Live

Phil Collins has won the lawsuit he filed against two former backing band members in the U.K. over excessive royalty payments made from his 1990 Serious Hits -- Live album (allstar, March 29), according to the BBC.

London High Court Justice Jonathan Parker ruled, however, that defendants Louis Satterfield and Rahmlee Davis -- both former members of Earth, Wind, and Fire -- would not be responsible for paying back any of the monies (some $385,000), which were overpaid to them by Collins. Although Collins was not seeking repayment of previously paid-out monies, he was seeking a declaration that no further payments be made to the musicians, and on that front he won.

While defending their case, Satterfield and Rahmlee had claimed they were owed royalties from all 15 tracks on the Serious Hits -- Live album as opposed to only the five tracks they performed on. Parker disagreed.

The original dispute in the case arose after an accounting error was discovered, showing the defendants had been overpaid $345,000. Phil Collins Ltd.'s chief accountant then informed the defendants by letter that said overpayment would be recouped from "future royalties earned." Parker agreed, although he stated Collins' claim was limited to one half of that amount and that it was "highly improbable" that any future royalty payments would ever cover that sum.

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