Collins' Remarks On Icons

Collins' Remarks On IconsPrincess Diana: "I once asked her, 'How do you do it? How do you meet 10 farmers in the morning, 20 schoolchildren in theafternoon, 10 teachers, and then meet rock singers in the evening?' She said, 'I was bred for this.' She knew what she was getting into."

'N Sync (also on the Tarzan soundtrack): "They're far more talented than 'this year's thing.' They have great voices. But theirfans are young fans. Younger fans don't have the loyalty that the other fans do." 

Sting: "I play a lot of Sting stuff. He's a little arrogant sometimes. But he's allowed to be. He's a good-looking, talented guy." 

Divas: "Just tell me what you're singing about. Don't embroider everything. She's a fantastic singer, Mariah Carey. Fantastic singer, Whitney Houston. But I get tired of the embroidery, to behonest." 

Rap: "Music can do two things. It can build bridges and make people understand each other and their differences. Or it can digthe ditch and make the problem bigger. Rap is making the problem bigger." 

Michael Jackson: "The people who don't want anything from him are children. Everyone else wants something. They want toflirt with glory. ... He's a tabloid victim." 

A Genesis reunion album or tour? "I really don't have much interest because it's something in my past. I love the guys we'retalking about. Peter (Gabriel) and I spoke two or three times just recently. We're going to go skiing together... We're all great friends. But this is something behind me." 

Paul McCartney: "I was in A Hard Day's Night. You wouldn't have seen me. Nevertheless, historically, I was in it. I was one ofthe kids screaming in a theater. They asked me to present an American Music Award to him in London, which was being beamed live to America. We're standing next to each other and Isaid to him 'I was in A Hard Day's Night.' He said 'You were?' I told him the story. He thought it was so strange that, 25 yearslater, I'm standing next to him and he's calling me Phil and I'm giving him an award." 

Mick Jagger: "I've met him a few times. But he doesn't really know who I am." 

Ice-T (who defended his Phil Collins record collection to a British TV journalist): "He said 'Don't mess with my man, Phil. Ilove his stuff.' I was like, 'My God. I wonder who else heard this?' My credibility might go up." 

His own recent 30-piece big band, swing music tour: "In 1996, I did the European tour with Quincy Jones and Tony Bennett. I arrived fully prepared to swim against the tide. No oneis going to see it. No one's going to be interested, but this is a labor of love for me. I've wanted to do it for 30 years. Then, Icame [to the U.S.] and suddenly, everyone says 'Yeah, it's really happening now, swing music.' Now they're going to say Phil Collins jumped on the bandwagon. But, in fact, it's something I'vealways wanted to do really, because it never should have been away." -- Unlike Collins, Staff Writer Dennis McCafferty tried playinggarage-band drums and concluded he had two left hands.

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