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Collins bites back at Gallagher jibes

Collins bites back at Gallagher jibesFormer Genesis star Phil Collins has hit back at Oasis brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher after a string of insults from the brothers.

The singer and drummer moved from Britain to Switzerland several years ago to be with his third wife Orianne and is amused to hear the Gallagher brothers believe he left the UK in 1997 when Labour leader Tony Blair was voted in as prime minister.

Just before the latest UK general election in May, in which Blair won a third term as prime minister, Noel urged British voters to choose Labour because "if the Tories (Conservatives) get in, Phil is threatening to come back and live here".

However, Collins maintains he doesn't even vote Conservative, saying: "Noel calls me the anti-Christ. It frustrates me but who cares?

"I'm so flattered the Gallaghers spent a lot of time thinking about me. I've repaid the compliment. I've just done the TV show Room 101 and they're both in it."

BBC show Room 101 features celebrities describing their pet hates they would like banned.

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