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BBC Breakfast with Frost Interview: Lorna Dickinson and Phil Collins

BBC Breakfast with Frost Interview: Lorna Dickinson and Phil CollinsDAVID FROST: Well after the Prom at the Palace now they're getting ready for Party at the Palace, the lady in charge of the event is Lorna Dickinson and she's setting up the stage and the gardens of Buckingham Palace right now, she's brought along one of her star performers, Phil Collins, and they're both there, as you can see, overlooking the lake there, Lorna good morning.

LORNA DICKINSON: Good morning David, did you say I brought along one of my staff he's a very good boy, turns up on time.

PHIL COLLINS: I do everything I'm told you know.


PHIL COLLINS: You're fine human being...

LORNA DICKINSON: He does, I've been whipping him all week.

DAVID FROST: Good morning Phil, nice to see you.

PHIL COLLINS: Morning David.

DAVID FROST: How's it going Lorna?

LORNA DICKINSON: It's just, well the sunshine today is amazing and we have to hope the weather forecasts aren't correct because it's going to be wonderful, just to think that this time last year it was just a complete blank sheet of paper, there was nothing here and now etc...

PHIL COLLINS: There's everything here.

LORNA DICKINSON: I think something's going to be happening, don't you Phil?

PHIL COLLINS: Yes it's pretty impressive actually, I mean we drove in, and it's, there are very narrow paths to drive down but all these dressing rooms and stages it's, it's a big undertaking.

LORNA DICKINSON: And you had to sneak in...

DAVID FROST: And we heard Phil that you are going to be in fact a distinguished member of the house band as well as doing your own bit?

PHIL COLLINS: Well I do a little bit, I do a song but really my main job here is, is house band drummer, you know it's the kind of thing that I, when I was asked to do it, kind of asked to put the band together and from a distance where I live, it wasn't really that easy to do so I said I can't really do that but I want to be in band and I want to be here for the rehearsals and play with everybody I can because that's really what I do best. And, and it's been fantastic, we've been rehearsing for two weeks and we're almost sounding professional now.

LORNA DICKINSON: I mean you should have seen the way Phil has turned up early every day for rehearsal and there's been some incredible magic moments at these rehearsals, we've got over 36, 40 performers on stage and yesterday we were sitting in Air studios, Sir George Martin was there, Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, Rod Stewart, Joe Cocker, Ladysmith.

PHIL COLLINS: Shirley Bassey.

LORNA DICKINSON: Shirley Bassey, Tony Bennett and we, we, there was one moment when we were all singing All You Need Is Love at the end and the hairs on the back of your neck go up, you think this is a bit of magic...

PHIL COLLINS: Yeah I mean it's, from the band point of view and certainly from my point of view, I think, you know we're all, we all look at each other every now and again and sort of say this is, this is pretty fantastic because we're playing, we're playing the best of the music for the last 20, 30 and in some instances 40 years and we're playing with the people that wrote it or sang it and yeah you just, you can't call it work at all, I mean this is, it's a great, great feeling to be part of a band that's just one after the other, these guys come on and you just get an opportunity to play with them, it's great fun.

LORNA DICKINSON: Eric Clapton turned up the other day for rehearsal and David he, he just said that so, such fun I'm going to stay and so some more songs.

DAVID FROST: Yes, and in fact what is the, is the finale when the Queen comes on stage as the Duke was just talking about, is the finale in fact All You Need Is Love?

PHIL COLLINS: Yes, yes that's, I mean that's not necessarily the end of the show but that's the official end of the finale and we've heard that she's going to come out with HRH Charles, Prince Charles and maybe Prince William and Prince Harry to, to say hello to everybody in the audience you know. And then, and then I guess we've got another thing, a very special thing planned for after that. But you know it's very difficult, I mean with classical music you have a finite start and a finite stop and with some of the, some of the songs, you know, you can go round another eight bars and suddenly you've added another ten seconds and this thing, if we get this thing finished in three hours I think we'll all be very surprised.

LORNA DICKINSON: I tell you what I was doing last night, I was counting the applause at the classical concert and going we've only allowed ten seconds between each song, come on get a move on, we can't get all our songs in if we don't move quickly.

DAVID FROST: This one, one way or another this one will run and run as they say. Thank you both very much. Good luck Phil tomorrow night, and good luck with everything tomorrow night, Lorna.


DAVID FROST: Well a taste there of what's in store tomorrow night.

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