Against All Odds - Phil Collins' Son Takes on Trance

Against All Odds - Phil Collins' Son Takes on Trance"London is the epicentre of electronic culture, we get everything years later in Canada. Trance in Vancouver is just about to emerge, though Istill go to record shops and can't find any of the new releases, whereashere, trance appears to have had its time. It's perhaps unsurprising thatSimon Collins, son of Phil, is currently racing up the German pop charts with his debut single and album, All Of Who You Are, but what is surprisingis his music. Created alongside legendary trance producers including Ralf"Cygnus X" Hildenbeutal (famed for the Orange Theme) and Stevie B-Zet,Collins has created an ambient style tranced out groove that's both melancholic yet accessible. Though chatting to him pre tape recorder roll,it's clear that he's caught the trance bug and caught it bad. So much so infact, that he even loves Goa trance.

What is it about psi-trance parties that you particularly like? Simon Collins:- "Well, I've been to a lot of raves completely sober and what Ilike is the contact vibe. I might look like I'm spaced out, but actuallyI'm sober. I'm lucky I don't need any stimulants, 'cos you can't keep thatlifestyle up for long. That's why I like psychedelic trance. It has the effect of drugs on me, without me needing to take any. It's unbelievablethe power this music has and when I realised that, I decided that I wantedto play it myself." 

DS:- So trance is your drug of choice... Simon Collins:- "Yeah, I love Goa trance especially. I'd love to play it in clubs, but I just don't know howreceptive people are to it, anymore. Everybody says it's dying, or it'sdead, telling me, 'It's old news Simon, you must move on' , but to me it'sstill very exciting, I still feel like I've discovered something new! I love all that Blue Room stuff and Juno Reactor... I love Juno Reactor!Also, The Infinity Project. 

DS:- The Infinity Project have recently called it a day... Simon Collins:- "Oh God, that's a shame. They should all move to North America, it's like adifferent world over there. It upsets me that their popularity hasdeclined, it really disappoints me. It's a good thing that I'll berelocating to Germany for a while, so at least I can buy their records over there." 

DS:- You've written on the sleevenotes of the new album of the pride you feel for your Dad, what are you most proud of? Simon Collins:- "I'm proudof being his son and of everything he has achieved in his life, especiallymusically. He's my Dad, but he's someone I also deeply respect as a humanbeing." 

DS:- And which is your favourite Phil Collins tune? Simon Collins:- "I'm a bigger fan of his Genesis days, stuff like "Supper's Ready" and the wholealbum it's brilliant, more experimental than his solo stuff, but I love theatmosphere that "In The Air Tonight" creates. 

DS:- He's taught you to play drums, but how good a teacher he really is? Simon Collins:- "He's a great drummer, but he's too fast for me! I used toask him after gigs, how did you do that? And he would show me, but not stepby step as I would have liked. So he's not the world's most patientteacher, but he's just great to watch, I suppose." Benedetta Ferraro.

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