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Why did Phil write 'Wear My Hat'?

Phil said: "This is in part about fans. I do sometimes wonder where those little scraps of paper that I sign end up !! So many times I get asked to sign something and the person doesn't have a pen or a bit of paper.... then they tear off a bit of a cigarette packet..and you know they'll forget about it in the morning. Their Mum will wash their trousers and it'll be history..... Though the words were completely improvised, and it just popped out, I can't say it was founded on any thoughts specifically. I also think that another interpretation of it was me saying "you wear my hat, you be me.... if you think this is easy... you do it.." This was at the same time as the divorce/fax/hell in the tabloids, where I didn't think anything that I had was worth what I was going through. The lies and misrepresentations that so many people read and probably believed."

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