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Phil Collins Is Still Alive: Report From The Concert In Warsaw

Phil Collins in Warsaw gave his first solo performance in Poland Phil Collins in Warsaw gave his first solo performance in Poland Getty Images

"I had back surgery and my foot is sp...dolona" - said Phil Collins in Polish at the beginning of his performance in Warsaw.

The disease has left a significant mark on him, but we will remember the Wednesday concert on June 26 at the National PGE.

You could have a lot of fears about this performance. It has been seen for a long time that Phil Collins , unlike some of the better-preserved rock veterans, can not afford stage madness anymore.

At the beginning of 2016, the musician began a series of re-editions of solo albums, extended by compositions from the private archive in demo and live versions. The compilation "The Singles" and the autobiography "Not Dead Yet" also went on sale.

It was from the title of this book that she took the name of the solo concert tour "Still Not Dead Yet Live", because Collins thus decided to return from musical retirement to re-live the series of his own hits that largely shaped the pop scene of the 80s. , to this day remains one of the symbols of that era.

When Collins, supporting himself on a stick, entered the stage, he was greeted by a standing ovation. It is then, bluntly - as we quoted at the beginning - that he explained himself from his state of health. The effects of the operation make practically the whole concert struggling with pain, the vocalist spent in his chair, conducting a large band. When Collins' voice (we can hear that the health problems also affected his vocal form), he sometimes weakened, musicians and the audience helped him.

He received particularly strong support from a lively, four-person, mixed-up female-male choir and the same large brass section. You can not ignore the rest of the team, which also did not fall out of the tail. Guitarist Daryl Stuermer is an old friend from the time of Genesis ). The second guitarist Ronnie Caryl accompanies Collins even longer, for 50 years.

Long-bearded bassist Leland Sklar as a session musician took part in the recording of over 2000 (!) Records with the tops of pop, rock and country. Slightly hidden behind the keys appeared Brad Cole , and percussion was answered by Richie "Gayaj" Garcia , giving some of the songs a Latin dance vibe .

The biggest ovation - in addition to the main character of the evening - aroused behind the drums Nicholas Collins , an 18-year-old son of Phil, who follows in the footsteps of the famous daddy who in Genesis originally served the drums to take over the microphone after Peter Gabriel's departure in 1975.

Nicholas CollinsNicholas Collins

Collins junior had his moment to show his skills when he (along with Richie Garcia) received his longer five minutes for solo performances. Both drummers also appeared at the side of Collins senior with instruments called cajón, and Phil could even indulge in drumming for a moment - parting with the chopsticks is the result of problems with the nerves after the operation of the cervical vertebrae.

"300 years ago I was in a band called Genesis. We are still good friends" - so Collins has announced two songs from the repertoire of this formation: "Throwing It All Away" and "Follow You Follow Me" (on the big screens we could see the video) resembling the history of Genesis: fragments of music videos, recordings from concerts and from the studio, or materials from behind the scenes). At the end, we heard the hit "Invisible Touch" ( check it out! ), In which it was possible to hear that the heat in Warsaw had given Phil a hard time.

"Hot, what? A good team, right?" - asked Collins, because under the closed roof of the National PGE there was an unbelievable spirit, and the temperature even well after the sun was over 30 degrees.

The name of the object should be changed to the National Well (at least for concerts) - the pounding reverberation effect and the echo that causes it, it is impossible to correctly answer the question "Do you hear me clearly?". Detriment.

The aforementioned Nicholas Collins stayed alone with his dad during the ballade "You Know What I Mean" ( listen! ). A slightly forgotten song from the solo debut of "Face Value" (1981), Phil accused for years, reminding him of the moment he returned to the stage. It is the junior - who plays the piano here - was supposed to be behind the idea of ​​restoring this recording to the setlist.

Everyone was also waiting for the iconic batch of drums in the hit "In the Air Tonight", which still remains one of the symbols of the 80s (its also made use of it in the series "Policemen from Miami"). Magic is still working.

The end of the concert is again a return to energetic and singing songs, in which the leading roles were taken over by the choir and blues: "You Can't Hurry Love" (original song by The Supremes), "Dance Into the Light", "Easy Lover" (originally Collins performed it in a duet with Philip Bailey) and "Sussudio".

This could only be one - "Take Me Home". Phil, Take Me Home.

A set list for Phil Collins concert in Warsaw:

  • Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)
  • Another Day in Paradise
  • Hang in Long Enough
  • Do not Lose My Number
  • Throwing It All Away
  • Follow You Follow Me
  • I Missed Again
  • Who Said I Would
  • Separate Lives
  • Trio Percussion
  • Something Happened on the Way to Heaven
  • You Know What I Mean
  • In the Air Tonight
  • You Can't Hurry Love
  • Dance Into the Light
  • Invisible Touch
  • Easy Lover
  • Sussudio
  • Take Me Home

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Phil Collins - Something Happened on the Way to Heaven @ Warszawa, 26.06.2019 Steel of Silesia

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