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With Phil Collins in Rio de Janeiro, rain is only a success

The star arrives at the stage of cane and passes the show seated in a chair - but it turned out to be this Phil Collins, which made all the difference to the 40 thousand people who came to Maracanã on Thursday night.

One of the world's pop giants of the 1980s, English left nothing to be desired in his first solo show in Brazil. Even though he was about three decades late, he showed that he still knows how to hold for an hour and a half an audience - well advanced in average age, truth be told - with the weapons nature has given him: voice, songs, enthusiasm, a vigor that went beyond her physical limitations, and a band diverse in terms of races and age groups - but that proved to be united, in total harmony with the animation of the boss.

The bad weather that had caused upheavals in Rio the night before did not dare to bother Phil Collins - the sky was clear, and the rain was only a success. The show began in warm, romantic weather with a few words in Portuguese and the ballad "Against all odds" - one of those hits that speak for themselves. "Another Day In Paradise" continued the parade, exaggerated with the reinforcement of the black vocalistas that compose the band. Made the presentations of his firepower, Phil ventured more generic funks from his repertoire - "Missed Again" and "Hang In Long Enough" - that at least provided good moments of the blow to the Earth, Wind & Fire assembled by Phil and the kitchen of Leland Sklar (bass, 70 years old) and Nicholas Collins (drums, the son of the singer, aged 16).

A surprise of the repertoire was the inclusion of "Throwing It All Away", success eighitentista of the singer with its old band, the Genesis. Then he sent one more of the group - "Follow You, Follow Me" of the 1970s, which killed the longing for many people and who had a thing of tenderness, with the images on the big screen of several moments of Genesis' career. From there, the door of emotion opened. "Separate Lives," which Phil shared in a brilliant vocal moment with singer Bridgette Bryant, was the big ballad of the night - the quintessence of FM sound, the form of which was lost. And "In The Air Tonight," with the drums that Nicholas was able to reproduce from his father such and such, was the memory of a time when pop could build a mood of tension - and release it in an explosion - few minutes of a song.

The game at Maraca was already won, but Phil still allowed himself firulas, such as rereading the immortal soul of the Supremes ("You Can't Hurry Love"), remembering one more of the Genesis of the 80s ("Invisible Touch") and snooping on his the most danceable repertoire - "Easy Lover", "Dance into the light", "Sussudio". When I went to the bis at 11pm with "Take Me Home", he had already covered leftover the spectrum of possibilities of pop - one hit or another were left out, leaving a taste of want more, but the experience had been complete. With no fat or stage sets to disguise the lack of musical content, the 67-year-old singer did a show of uncle in which much nephew - and there are several his disciples today (in the r & b scene in particular) - should pay attention.

And not only in Phil Collins did the demonstrations of vitality in late night. Climbing to the opening show, the band Pretenders - another big supplier of hits for the radios in the 80s - arrived with a welcome rocker side. After singing "Hymn to Her" accompanied by an organ, leader Chrissie Hynde - lean and shaken at age 66 - even made a joke: "This is one of those ballads to refresh your grandmother." And he followed with the invoked "Alone," the title track of the band's most recent album of 2016. With an instrumental formation that brought young musicians together with their old drummer Martin Chambers (who played with a Brazilian soccer jersey), Chrissie spent with charm and energy for hits like "Back On The Chain Gang", "Middle Of The Road", and "Don't Get me Wrong".

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