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Phil Collins made a visit to a hospital in Newcastle hours before his UK show

Phil Collins made a visit to a hospital in Newcastle hours before his UK show

The 66-year-old singer was admitted to Freemans Hospital in Newcastle on Saturday night but the Against All Odds singer reportedly only spent just over two hours there before he left to perform his show at the Newcastle Arena.

Sources claim that he arrived and left by Out Patients which was closed off as he was wheeled in a wheelchair.

"I'm surprised the show is going ahead tonight because he really isn't well," Phil's driver told paparazzi before he drove the artist away.

Being the champ that he is, Phil later stunned fans with performances of his greatest hits, with many taking their joy to Twitter.

In June, Phil, worried fans when he cancelled gigs after receiving a nasty gash on the head when he tripped on his way to his hotel bathroom; the two Royal Albert Hall dates were then rescheduled for November.

He was kept in hospital overnight for observation after he unerwent surgery to the wound on his forehead.

At the time of his accident, it was revealed on his Facebook page that he suffers from "drop foot", which makes it difficult to walk and contributed to the mishap.

The musician returned to stage a week later following his injury, resuming his tour in Germany at the Lanxess arena in Cologne with a plaster on his head.

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