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Kids auditioned for Phil Collins’ Little Dreams Foundation

Do You Remember? It is very unlikely Angelina Green, 13, is aware of the star's glory years Do You Remember? It is very unlikely Angelina Green, 13, is aware of the star's glory years Larry Marano

Phil Collins knows what it takes to make it in the music business — talent, luck and sometimes, a little help.

Now the legendary musician is offering that help to South Florida kids, so they can have a life in music like he did. Little Dreams Foundation is the brainchild of Phil Collins and business partner, Orianne Cevey.

Phil Collins: "So really it’s to help young kids, young teenagers who have dreams."

Those dreams of musical success were on display Wednesday at Estefan Kitchen in Miami’s Design District. Young performers crowded the restaurant for a chance to audition for Phil and a panel of judges. The idea was to get a "golden dreamers" pass. That got you into the foundation, where new worlds open up.

Orianne Cevey: "So we give them all the tools to become professional. We give them private courses so they have singing lessons, they have band lessons."

Another perk of getting a pass is the opportunity to perform at the foundation’s big benefit in December.

Orianne Cevey: "We have different artists that are gonna come and support the little dreamers and the little dreamers are gonna perform with them."

The auditioners gave it everything they had. The judges were looking for talent — and a certain intangible quality, too.

Phil Collins: "You know you feel it when kids come up and sing. They have that thing."

Phil had a bit of advice for the kids. Be confident — but be careful.

Phil Collins: "Never let that confidence become arrogance. Arrogance is ugly. Confidence is necessary."

Ten-year-old Tyler Watts had confidence to spare. The young man won himself a golden pass. Talk about a dream come true.

Tyler Watts: "Well it means everything to me ’cause I really wanted a pass, ’cause if I didn’t get a pass I would be disappointed."

We here at Deco think Tyler’s ready for the big-time right now.

Tyler Watts: "I’m Tyler Watts and you’re watching Deco Drive."

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