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Phil Collins talks to Anton Savage

He's back, but the legendary singer thought he had put the feet up forever!

Birthdays on stage in Dublin, nearly working with ‘slippery fish’ Adele, his physical condition and – whisper it – a ‘possible’ return to live gigs were all on the birthday agenda of Phil Collins, who gave Anton a call to celebrate the Anton Savage Show’s first birthday on Tuesday.

The legendary entertainer, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, drummer, member of Genesis and actor told Anton that he would be open to the idea of doing a couple of live shows, ("more of a possibility now than there was 4 years ago") with a new band made up of his old band, but re-christened the ‘Not Dead Yet Band’. He also revealed all about his incredible solo career, his session work, canning Clapton, gigging in Dublin, and how he nearly worked with Adele.

Adele and Phil Collins

This week, Phil issues the first two albums of his ‘Take a Look At Me Now’ retrospective campaign, with ‘Face Value’ and ‘Both Sides’ released as deluxe packages and on remastered vinyl. Phil has personally overseen the reissue campaign, which later in the year will see him release an eagerly awaited biography.

He rarely gives radio interviews so this is a real treat, especially when he reveals all about nearly working with Adele, whom he had never heard of until she asked him to write with her.

They met in London and were going to do something. He started working on a sheet of music she gave him, but it was too early in the process of working on the album, but she bottled out. "It was just the wrong time" says Phil who was not annoyed at all, respecting Adele.

Returning to live duty could happen he says, as he is keen that his younger kids see what dad does. 

The ‘Take A Look at Me Now’ campaign will see Phil reissue all of his solo albums in stages over next 6 months, pairing an early album with a later offering. First up this week is Face Value (1981) and Both Sides (1993). Coming later is Hello, I Must Be Going and Dance Into The Light No Jacket Required and Testify then …But Seriously and Going Back.

Collins has spent months on the Take a Look at Me Now project digging the vaults with long-serving producer Nick Davis.

Each album will feature a new cover in which Collins recreates the original cover with stunning attention to detail, a clever move that no major artist has tried before.

Here's the original 'Face Value' cover:

Phil Collins - Face Value Cover 1981

And here's the new one:

Phil Collins - Face Value Cover 2016

Phil also talks about why he thinks he looks better now, how he’s not drumming anymore and his love of toy trains which resulted in him hanging with other nerdy rock stars and, er, their trains.

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