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Phil Collins on a Genesis reunion, his Not Dead Yet Live tour and working with Adele

Phil Collins has revealed he would never rule out a Genesis reunion.

The 65-year-old musician – who left the band in 1996 – said he would never say no to reuniting with Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford, but is cautious of becoming "too busy".

He said writing his autobiography, Not Dead Yet, reminded him of the "pretty special" relationship the trio have.

Recalling recording sessions with the band, he said: "We would come in with nothing and start playing until something happened. Then we’d record it and come back a couple of weeks later and from there songs would develop. That’s pretty special to have that relationship with guys who do that."

Reunion: Phil Collins with Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks in 2008 | Chris Jackson/GettyReunion: Phil Collins with Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks in 2008 | Chris Jackson/Getty

When asked about a reunion he said: "I wouldn’t rule it out."

Collins was speaking at a press conference at London's Royal Albert Hall where he announced his musical comeback.

The Against All Odds singer - who retired in 2011 - will play a five-night residency at the iconic venue next June which will be followed by two dates in Paris and two in Cologne.

So, from an autobiography to a new tour, here's everything else we learned from Collins' announcement: 

1) His kids pulled him out of 'retirement'

Collins quit music in 2011 to focus on being a father to his children Simon, Lily, Nicholas and Matthew. After five years he said they encouraged him to go back on tour. "I’m living with my young kids," he said. "And they want me to go out on the road."

2) His son will join him on stage

Collins’ comeback will be a family affair as his son Nicholas, 15, will join him on stage. Speaking about his musical son he said: "He is in the learning stage and he’s already a fantastic drummer. We did three charity shows this year and he was fantastic. The band were very impressed."

3) He wants to play the drum intro for In the Air Tonight

Collins is behind one of the most famous drum solos – and he’s keen to get back on the kit for his comeback. "I’ve got a drum kit in the garage," he said. "And I will be getting to that to see if I can play In the Air Tonight. That is something that I feel I should do. I play with my fingers and that’s the thing that has clammed up over the last few years so it’s a matter of getting strength back in the fingers."

4) He would like to collaborate with Pharrell – but doesn’t know what to say to him

"I’ve got Pharrell’s number from Lily," he said. "I don’t know what to say to him. ‘I really like you?’ I would work with him I think." But Collins said he is cautious about becoming "an ornament on someone else’s cake".

5) Adele never heard the song he wrote for her

Collins signed on to write a song for Adele – but it never came to fruition because she wasn’t ready to start on a third album so soon after giving birth to her son Angelo. Collins said she gave him a piece of music – but then "disappeared". He said: "I was frantically writing it. I didn’t finish the thing and she never got to see what I did."

6) He is keen to dispel a common misconception about himself

Speaking about how people see him he said: "People tend to think of me as shiny BMW music, but I'm the complete opposite. I think that's a misconception."

7) He once had so much steak tartare he stuck it to the wall of his hotel

Collins revealed he once proved you really must be careful what you wish for. The musician said he developed a taste for steak tartare in the 1980s and made the mistake of letting a member of his team know. He was then presented with "raw hamburger patties" every night in his dressing room. Recalling the incident he said: "I got so fed up with seeing them I put it on the wall as a warning to others."

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